Australian Cricket Team Quarantining in Adelaide

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered how international sporting competitions engage with each other. For months, national teams weren’t permitted to travel across their respective borders. Exceptions weren’t made until June 2020, six-months after the coronavirus was declared an international pandemic. The first exceptions for professional cricket were provided through the United Kingdom, permitting the West Indies & Indian national teams to compete against Great Britain. Similar exceptions were also given to the “Australia’s National Cricket Team”, who are competing against England’s squad between September 6th to 16th.

Cricketers from Australia that travelled to the United Kingdom were informed that they’d have to sustain a 14-Day quarantine upon arriving home. Team representatives provided details on where these cricketers will be quarantining after returning home. The Adelaide Oval Hotel will permit the entire squad to quarantine for 14-Days. Adelaide Oval Hotel was selected because of its on-site cricket field, which will be exclusively given to the “Australia’s National Cricket Team” for their two-week stay.

The Chief Executive Officer for the South Australian Cricket Association, Keith Bradshaw, provided clarification behind the Adelaide being selected. The CEO evoked that the Adelaide Oval Hotel will become the primary quarantine zone for Australian Cricketers upon their arrival home. “Australia’s National Cricket Team” is next slated to compete against India after England. It’s supposed to be the highlighted series for 2020 and will likely see the Indian National Squad arrive at the Adelaide Oval Hotel. That is under the condition that Hotel Staff provides secured isolation zones, where outbreaks are present.

New Hosts for Indian ODI Series

Australia versus India ODI Series was slated to arrive at Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Scheduling alterations have been required amid the COVID-19 pandemic & inside sources indicated that the Adelaide Region would become the primary host for this ODI Series. CEO Keith Bradshaw announcing that the Adelaide Oval Hotel will become the primary quarantine location for Australia’s professional cricketers & could likely host the Indian ODI Series is an essential confirmation of what’s to come. Australia versus India ODI Series will begin on December 16th, 2020. It’ll end on January 15th, 2021.