Ben Stokes Competes in Virtual F1

The Formula One Esports Virtual Grand Prix Series saw an unexpected guest on April 5th. Ben Stokes joined the grid lineup, competing for Red Bull – Aston Martin Racing. Notable drivers like Lando Norris, George Russel, Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles Leclerc competed against the Cricket Legend. Stokes couldn’t keep up the pace against these F1 Drivers, ultimately coming in the last place. Charles Leclerc was the dominating force for Ferrari and inquired a podium finish. However, large percentages of viewers tuned in to see the BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Those supporters lost a little hope for Ben Stokes when he qualified 16th with a Red Bull Racing car.

The low grid placement follows after Ben Stokes spun out on the 4th lap. It immediately placed him at the back of the grid, with 28 laps available to make up the pace. Stokes, unfortunately, was behind Johnny Herbert, who was a dominating driver in the 1st virtual Grand Prix. This made it nearly impossible for the infamous cricketer to overtake to former F1 Legend. Herbert was placed in 19th after being struck down in the fourth lap.

Charles Leclerc’s Performance

The Ferrari Driver dominated his first virtual Grand Prix while staying home safely in Monaco. There was some drama behind the scenes, with Charles often expressing his anger during practice sessions. This followed after he’d practice for five hours daily, frustrating his girlfriend. She demanded he calm down his tone before the race. That’s why supporters of Charles Leclerc couldn’t hear much from the driver, making sure that his girlfriend and neighbours are happy. He even mentioned that yelling at that volume would’ve upset himself if he heard from another person.

It should be noted that all the vehicles in F1 Esports Grand Prix Series have the same performance levels, ensuring that the skillsets of drivers push them forward. That’s what would’ve made this a challenging experience for Ben Stokes, who was hoping to receive a specialized power boost with his Red Bull. When it applies to the top three drivers of last weekends race, Charles Leclerc came first, and Alex Albon came in second. George Russel jumped on the podium with a third position.