Ben Stokes Confirmed for T20 South Africa Tour

Coaching personnel for England’s National Cricket Team have begun announcing their lineup of players for their T20 exhibition tour in South Africa. This tour is arriving in December & will mark the first instance of England competing inside the borders of South Africa in decades. Supporters of international cricket are excited to see the action that unfolds during this exhibition tour, with most hoping that Ben Stokes would be confirmed for contention. It’s been announced by England’s T20 Squad that their Captain will return at the South African tournament. Stokes hasn’t competed for nearly two months following his fathers downward spiral with brain cancer. However, the England National Team has managed to sustain identical results without Ben Stokes.

The South African exhibition series will sustain six matches, which will begin on November 27th and end of December 9th. There’ll be three matches under the T20 Division, with an additional three games formatted in the ODI Division. Ben Stokes won’t be the exclusive player with prominent skillsets competing at these games, with Sam Curran & Jofra Archer confirmed for the exhibition series.

Competing at the South African T20 & ODI exhibition series will give these cricketers superior experience towards proposed internationals with India & Sri Lanka. England hasn’t contested in either of these nations for a prolonged period. It’s not guaranteed that either of these international exhibitions will be sustained with neither being confirmed. Permitting that the “England & Wales Cricket Board” approves these tournaments, the England National Team will support more prominence throughout the global cricketing community.

Steve Smith, the previous Captain of Australia’s National Cricket Team, clarified that Ben Stokes is an exceptional player that will provide England with a formidable chance at winning against South Africa. Steve Smith left Australia for the England National Cricket Team in 2020. Additional competitors slated to compete against South Africa include Eoin Morgan, who is employed domestically in the Indian Premier League. This league regularly competes against South Africa, giving England’s Captain inside information into strategies that’ll evoke positive results. It should be noted that whichever team wins the upcoming exhibition tour will receive contention for the 2023 World Cup.