Ben Stokes Takes Leave of Absence

The England & Pakistan Cricket Test Series has lost its most influential player over the weekend of August 7th. It was confirmed that England’s Team Captain wouldn’t attend the remainder of this Test Series, with Ben Stokes exiting extending towards the rest of 2020s summer season. Important details regarding the reasoning for Ben Stokes “Leave of Absence” wasn’t clarified by England’s National Cricket Team. It’s merely known that Stokes is returning to New Zealand to spend time with his family. His father has spent the last nine months battling an unexpected & severe illness. Speculation from Cricket analysts suggests that Ged Stokes could be taking a turn for the worse.

Social media responses to this confirmation of Ben Stokes exiting from the Test Series wasn’t positive. Fans pleaded with their Captain to disregard his family issues & focus on Cricket. Their sentiments of desire for his return follow after Ben Stokes maintained many wickets on August 8th. Team Captain Stokes informed his players after the August 8th test series match-up that he’d be leaving for the remainder of this summer. This means that Stokes is going the “England Cricket Bio-Secure Bubble” and wouldn’t be permitted to compete again until maintaining a 14-Day Quarantine Period. Ben Stokes will now fly towards Christchurch in New Zealand on August 9th.

Lack of Sympathy from Supporters

Analysts issued disgust towards Cricket supporters after seeing social media responses. Ged Stokes is a former Rugby Player with New Zealand that prompted multiple victories for his national team. It’s unknown what serious illness that Ged Stokes has contracted, but his health doesn’t be disregarded in comparison to Ben competing. Ben Stokes hasn’t issued a formal statement on the disrespectful comments. However, it should be mentioned that for every negative sentiment on social media, positive comments were expressing their prayers to the Stokes family.

This isn’t the 1st time that Ben Stokes has left his position as Captain to stand beside his father during a trialling period. An example would be the England & Proteas Cricket Series in 2019, which Stokes would play a single game. Ben disregards responsibilities to his teammates whenever family are facing trialling circumstances, an understandable aspect that makes England’s Cricket Captain that much more honourable. Regardless, there’ll be a notable void in the National Team going forward.