Cricket Training Academy Opens in British Columbia

The infamous players of tomorrow in professional cricket could be arriving from Canada. Headlines regarding a specialized cricket centre in Surrey, British Columbia have begun circulating online. Called the Stallions Cricket Centre, it’s owned and operated by Khurram Dilshad. He confirmed that two versions of training would be offered, which includes the Passionate Cricketers Academy and the Youth Team. They’ve been active since February 9th but are beginning to garner immense popularity.

North America doesn’t engage with international or professional cricket, often determining that the sport is underwhelming and provides little to zero excitement. That’s why most in Surrey are shocked to learn that Crickets professional fanbase exceeds 2.5 billion. It’s the second most popular sports in the world, with Surrey becoming one of the most popular markets for cricket in North America. It’s made it continuously more challenging to locate training time on fields or placements into teams. That’s what prompted Dilshad to create the Stallion Cricket Centre.

It’s cited that 85% of all cricket players in British Columbia and 73% in Canada are located from Surrey. Having this high level of competition has made it challenging for parents to cater to their children’s passion. That’s why Dilshad created an indoor and outdoor field, allowing for countless games to be players. It should be noted that the standard version of cricket takes upwards of several hours of playtime. This sometimes forces limited freedom for these children.

Those that want to register their children with the Stallions Cricket Centre will be greeted with the best facility in North America for training. The highest-rated coaches are employed by Dilshad, ensuring that all children are provided with the opportunity to learn and play. It’s not known how much it’ll cost to register players, with most sports in Canada costing parents upwards of $10,000.00 yearly.

Dilshad stated: “When the kids have to play at 8 a.m. and rush their games to finish before noon (when most competitive games start), the kids end up playing in long grass and it’s very wet out then, not ideal for teaching fundamentals.”

It is the hope that the new academy will improve the environment that the kids are playing within and allow them a safer more productive place to learn, practise and build upon their skills. Considering the cost and short season, this is certain to have an impact in the years ahead.