ECB Announces Australian Limited-Overs

The England Cricket Board announced the upcoming dates for their postponed series against Australia, which is sustaining the Limited-Overs format. It was initially expected that England would host the Australian Cricket Team in July 2020, which inevitably entered into postponement status against the COVID-19 Lockdowns. The England versus Australia Limited-Overs will begin in Mid September.

The Australian Government permitted their cricketers to travel under special exemptions, with their international flight slated to enforce severe COVID-19 Protocols upon the team’s arrival & departure to England. This will ensure that none of their bowlers has contracted the virus before entering or leaving Great Britain. Australian’s Cricket Team having an outbreak & bringing it back to their home shores is what the Government is actively looking to avoid. It should be mentioned that before the England versus Australia Limited-Overs, the T20s in Great Britain will unfold.

The T20s are unfolding between September 6th to 8th. Australia’s meetup with England will follow on September 11th, 13th, and 16th. It’s not expected that Australia’s Cricket Team will return home until September 18th, with their arrival scheduled for September 4th. This marks a two-week period in the United Kingdom. Players cannot traverse the country for tourism purposes, having to remain locked down in their respective hotel rooms when not competing. Meals will be cooked by COVID-19 Tested Chefs, with drivers to & from the Old Trafford Stadium will also be tested.

Tom Harrison’s Statements

The EBC Chief Executive Officer released a formal statement of gratitude towards the Australian Government. Tom Harrison mentioned the significant debt owned towards Administrators & Staff with Cricket Australia; who’s direct efforts allowed for their upcoming competition to obtain approval. ECBs Tom Harrison also thanks to the Australian Government for permitting travel exemptions, knowing fully what was required to make this goal achievable. Harrison ended his sentiments by remarking excitement for the upcoming Limited-Overs, hoping his home-team will be victorious. This marks the 2nd international meetup for the England National Cricket Team, who recently competed against the West Indies & Ireland. They’re currently fighting against India, with Australia slated to be their next opponent.