ECB Extend Coronavirus Aid Package

Financial aid during the coronavirus pandemic has been required for all professional sports leagues, including the England & Wales Cricket Board. The initial finances proportioned for the epidemic was enough for the overwhelming majority. However, associations are having to sustain a secondary wave of financial aid. This follows after continued delays are prompted out of concern for players contracting the coronavirus. The English & Wales Cricket Board hasn’t allowed for their professional matches to resume, even with the permission of government personnel. It shows the ECBs dedication to curbing the continued spread of COVID-19, which most civilians & companies have avoiding accomplishing over recent weeks.

The additional finances being awarded to professional crickets with the EBC included £35.7 Million, which follows after an initial £61 million was allocated from May to June. Announcing another delay until August 2020 has prompted the increased aid, with this prolonged postponement sustaining several months. ECB Representatives clarified that under the right conditions, they’d allow for matches to resume by August 1st.

£30 Million is being distributed amongst eighteen nations connected with the English & Wales Cricket Board, with their governance extending beyond the United Kingdom. £10 Million is being subjugated towards crickets, with the remaining £20 million being distributed to professional clubs that maintain Active Status with the “Return to Cricket Program”.

Fans Addressed

The Chief Executive Officer of the English & Wales Cricket Board addressed the public on their additional aid. Tom Harrison noted that their responsibility as the ECB is to protect the future of professional cricket, regardless of the financial uncertainty associated with this protection. Harrison clarified that returning by August 1st is the priority & that they’re working with Government Medical Experts to ensure that crickets cannot contract COVID-19.

Unless those guarantees can be promised, Harrison doesn’t expect that professional cricket will resume in 2020. Tom mentioned that without cricketers being healthy & unaffected from the coronavirus, this sport couldn’t continue in its current capacity. Cricket would return to a historic version & garner considerably less popularity. Considering that the ECB earns billions on the standard fiscal year, their not willing to risk restructuring their sport.