England Arriving in Pakistan for 1st Time since 2005

The England & Wales Cricket Board made a shocking announcement that they’ve begun discussions to hold an exhibition tour in Pakistan. It’d mark the first instance of England arriving in Pakistan since 2005, citing player-wide security concerns relating to an ongoing war between Al-Qaeda & the United States in the region. The latest announcement was first reported on “ESPN Cricket Info”, with the Pakistani Cricket Board and ECB confirming that discussions have begun. It’s said that the exhibition tour would be held somewhere around January to February 2021.

Executives with the Pakistani Cricket Board made an official statement regarding a potential tour. Minimal information was provided, with more coming after discussions & security checks have been finalized. British Cricketer & now PCB Managing Director Wasim Khan was questioned on the announcement of tour discussions.

PCB Initiated Discussions

Wasim Khan detailed that relations between the ECB and PCR are good, with the two governing entities maintaining continued communication on the possibility of an exhibition tour. Khan evoked that the British High Commissioner has also entered the discussions and is doing a formidable job in locating the best solutions to permit this tour. Regional security concerns aren’t the only hurdle to overcome, with COVID-19 still factoring into this decision. That’s why Wasim Khan believes individuals from multiple parties need to lead towards the right direction for a Pakistani tour to become a reality.

Managing Director Wasim Khan clarified that he’d initiated discussions with the England & Wales Cricket Board on October 12th. Khan invited England’s National Team to an exhibition tour and received a prompt formal response. Talks began on October 14th, with the PCB & ECB having enough confidence in the possible tour that they’ve confirmed discussions. Requirements needed to permit a Pakistani tour include:

  • Security Assessments.
  • COVID-19 Assessments.
  • PCR Testing Capabilities.
  • Healthcare Sustainability.

It should be noted that under the possibility of this exhibition tour being declined, the England & Wales Cricket Board is sending their national team in 2022 to Pakistan. Within the next 24-Months, there’ll be an exhibition tour in Pakistan. It should be noted though that the ECB is actively working towards approving the January to February 2021 tour.