England Cricket Implement COVID-19 Replacements

The test series slated for the West Indies & Pakistan with the England National Cricket Team has been postponed. Regular updates on how these test series will be approached have been issued, with the latest indicating that “Coronavirus Replacements” will be permitted. This means cricketers in England that don’t want to participate, which is valid under the new legislation, will receive temporary replacements during the Test Series. This announcement follows after large delegations with the International Cricket Council and England Wales Cricket Board. It should be noted that this legislation of “Coronavirus Replacements” won’t extend towards the Twenty20 Internationals.

Additional details regarding how these Test Series & Official Events will be approached were also issued, with it being revealed that saliva won’t be permitted to shine cricket balls temporarily. This disgusting habit has traditionally been used in cricket for more than 100+ years, spreading germs at unprecedented rates. During the novel coronavirus pandemic, this cannot be permitted under any circumstances. Those found disobeying these rules will receive an immediate one-game suspension. Breaking the rules, a 2nd time will prompt the full suspension with Test Series or the Twenty20 Internationals. It should be noted that these replacement options apply towards crickets who inquire a concussion during Mid-Series.

The Direction of England’s Cricket Board, Steve Elsworthy, provided insight into their decisions. It was noted that considerations on the replacement tactic took a prolonged period for the International Cricket Council to accept. Agreements regarding additional injuries to subject replacements are still under review. Steve mentioned that their hope is delegations will be completed by July 1st.

Possible Schedule

July 1st initiates a significant delay on the full details on their 2020 ICC Schedule. It was initially expected that their revised schedule would be announced by June 1st, prompting a one-month delay. Their delayed announcement follows in line with the United Kingdom’s confirmation that professional cricket won’t be permitted until July 1st. It’s now suspected that the West Indies Test Series will be the first event to unfold, with the Pakistan Test Series following. Multiple One-Day International Venues will then be permitted across the United Kingdom, allowing for extensive training for notable cricketers before the Twenty20 Internationals.