Five British Crickets Released from Coronavirus Bubble

Ireland and England will compete in three ODIs on July 30th, both sides hoping to win the Ages Bowl in Southampton. Some players potentially couldn’t compete for the upcoming series, with concerns regarding the coronavirus forcing these individuals into a Bio-Bubble. England’s National Cricket Team announced that five players had been released, allowing them to compete against Ireland. Four crickets were sectioned to the Bio-Bubble, with the 5th being removed from the West Indies Test Series after the return of Joe Root. Those permitted to resume competition cannot return until the Ireland ODIs

It’s known that Joe Denly has received permission to start training with England immediately. Training sessions before the third & final West Indies Test Match will see Joe Denly working towards the Ireland ODIs. Joe Root returning from paternity leave saw Denly forced from competing in the remaining two test series with West Indies. Knowing he’ll return for the Ireland ODIs has thrilled British supporters, with Denly coming off a dominating season in 2019.

Supporters weren’t positive if Joe Denly would receive placement for Ireland vs England ODIs. This follows after the England National Cricket Team increased their squad size, enabling an influx of reserve players. Potential contraction of COVID-19 with core players forced this decision amongst coaches, with confirmed infections allowing for reserves to take a position for fallen 1st & 2nd liners.

It’s known that England will disable a portion of their reserve players, limiting the number down to six. The updated protocols came after COVID-19 infections in the United Kingdom have dropped significantly, even more so in Ireland. July 30th will mark an exciting day for cricketing fans, launching the official start for the 2020-21 Season. It’s expected that under the leadership of Ben Stokes, England will dominate against opposing forces.

Protocols in Place

The Ireland ODI Series will implement severe measures for COVID-19, which all players must follow or face an onslaught of fines. Protocols include the termination of attendees, meaning stands will remain empty. All cricketers must stay in their “Biosphere Rooms” when not competing, and wear masks whenever travelling to planned games. Masks can exclusively be removed when competing against Ireland. These three rules plus a multitude of others have defined England’s safety during the West Indies Test Series, with it expected to continue against Ireland.