Glenn Maxwell Becomes Cricketing Legend

The Australian & England ODI Series was filled with expected moments and saw a consistent state of leadership in this competition. It was anticipated that England would dominate over their Australian opponents, winning the first of three matches without any challenges. England would move forward & win the remaining two matches. Australia’s Glenn Maxwell & Alex Carey stunned the cricketing community, obtaining five wickets before being overpowered by England’s best players.

Australia & England’s ODI Series saw Glenn Maxwell & Alex Carey obtain a record stand at 212. It came after five back-to-back wickets from the two Australians, which are considered heroes of the sport in Australia. It should be noted that before Glenn Maxwell & Alex Carey obtained those notable wickets, Australia was losing at 5-73. It’s the lowest score that Australia’s National Cricket Team obtained since 1977. That was until Glenn Maxwell assisted Alex Carey at the crease, marking a substantial shift in the game. That shift wouldn’t be enough to press Australia to victory & potentially tie the ODI Series. England’s cricketers, like Jofra Archer, overpowered the combination of Alex Carey and Glenn Maxwell.

Maxwell known for lackluster performances

Glenn Maxwell is unfortunately known for not playing his best when required. Most times he’ll fail when stepping to the crease. That didn’t change on September 16th. Glenn would smash four boundaries with seven sixes, just enough for Australia to avoid their worst defeat since 2015. Australia maintained a final score of 146/5, and England rallied 146/6. It should be mentioned that the skillsets displayed by Glenn Maxwell & Alex Carey is considered the 6th highest-ranking partnership in ODI history. For all accomplishments made by Australia during the 2020 ODI Series, it wasn’t enough to dominate past

Alex Carey & Glenn Maxwell couldn’t compete against the skillsets of Jofra Archer, or Mark Wood. They are considered England’s best duo, which prompted Australian coaching staff to switch-out Maxwell/Carey for Mitchell Starc & Pat Cummins. Commentators at the Australia & England ODI Series expressed that what they’d seen from Team Aussie was nothing short of a victory. Most have given Australia the consolation victory prize, with their formidable efforts more impressive than what England displayed.