Ireland Flexible with England Cricket Series Scheduling

The Nation of Ireland confirmed their flexibility towards the rescheduling of cricket series with England, which is slated for a one-day event throughout September. This follows after Ireland’s Chief Executive of Cricket, Warren Deutrom, announced the British broadcasting centre. His announcement follows after COVID-19 continues to onslaught Great Britain and Ireland, with the England & Wales Cricket Board mentioning that summer schedules will begin on June 1st. Deutrom also confirmed the June 1st scheduling but believed this wouldn’t be possible within twelve days. The chief executive mentioned that regardless of when the seasons starts, they’ll make sure their availability is prompt and flexible.

Professional matches of Cricket throughout Ireland, Cricket and remaining Wales has been terminated until May 28th. It’s expected that the 1st series for the 2020 Summer will be England Vs West Indies on June 4th. Warren anticipates that this venue will inevitably be postponed, which follows after the England & Wales Cricket Board announced they’d be meeting on April 23rd to discuss rescheduling initiatives. Venues like “The Hundred” will experience their respective postponements as well. This follows after infection rates and death percentages in the United Kingdom haven’t fallen throughout April.
Matches planned for September 10th to 15th between Ireland and England at Trent Bridge won’t be postponed. That’s under the condition that a 2nd wave doesn’t hit the United Kingdom, prompting another increase in infections and deaths. The second wave of COVID-19 would see the Australian and Pakistan Series with England also cancelled.

Formal Statements

The English & Wales Cricket Board provided a formal statement regarding this situation. Sentiments remarked that the COVID-19 pandemic had become a jigsaw puzzle for international cricket series, with this extending towards domestic matches as well. Reps mentioned that realistic approaches must be taken from organizers, which is why regularly meetings are prompted via videoconference. Similar sentiments were mentioned by Warren Deutrom, who believes that flexibility in these unprecedented conditions will enable safer conditions for supporter and athletes. Safety conditions extend towards coaching staff, event organizers and stadium staff. Their health and safety fall under the responsibility of the ECB.