Jofra Archer Fined by ECB

The England & Wales Cricket Board confirmed that they’d fined Jofra Archer for disobeying protocols associated with COVID-19. This fine came after the Pace Bowler of 25 returned home without permission, travelling from Southampton to Hove. After arriving in his home city of Hove, Jofra Archer going to Manchester for an unspecified venue. It’s known that this cricketer worked diligently towards hiding his appearance. However, photographs released to the ECB proved that Archer wasn’t remaining in a socially distanced bubble.

Penalties were issued to Jofra for his actions, including an unknown fine that’ll be taken from his salary. Another punishment issued to Jofra was being banned from the 2nd Test Series against the West Indies. He cannot rejoin until July 24th when the third test series begins, where it’s expected that coaches will bench Jofra Archer to double-down on his punishment. Severe actions against the cricketer follow the ECB clarified that breaking protocols won’t be tolerated.

Jofra Archer must maintain two negative coronavirus tests before permission is granted to arrive on the 24th. Positive status means that Archer will have to sustain five days of additional isolation, where another two checks will be issued. Refusal to agree with these measures will see Jofra banned from all remaining 2020-21 ECB Competition, essentially ruining his career. The actions of one night could inflict permanent damages for Archer.

It should be clarified that Jofra Archer didn’t attend Hove for purely entertainment purposes, with the cricketer conducting a business meeting with an unidentified person. That individual was tested & also revealed to be harmful to coronavirus. Jofra Archer now stands as the exclusive England player that has broken ECB Protocol, which isn’t that surprising when reviewing his age of 25.

Ben Stokes on Jofra Archer

The Vice-Captain for England’s National Cricket Team, Ben Stokes, clarified that they’ve been mindful of Jofra Archer since he entered isolation. The VC remarked that at twenty-five, a period of separation could be lonely & challenging for his teammate. Ben Stokes seamed to avoid tarnishing Archer’s name with public backlash. Their primary goal moving forward is to providing Jofra with enjoyable environments so his presence can be felt at the 3rd West Indies Test Series.