PCA Suspends Umar Akmal for Anti-Corruption

It’s been confirmed that the Pakistan Cricket Board has suspended Umar Akmal, the Wicket-Keep Batsman for their respective national team. This follows after he breached a significant article in the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct, leading to the immediately enacted suspension. He’ll be unable to play for an unspecified amount of time starting February 20th.

Analysts researched the Pakistan Anti-Corruption Code, locating the charged suspension under Article 4.7.1. Details were then publicly revealed by news outlets that this code revolves around player integrity. It states that during specific circumstances that players undermine the sports branding or reputation can be suspended. This article also mentioned that alleged players must engage with the Anti-Corruption Tribunal to determine if an offence has been committed.

This means Umar Akmal failed testing with this tribunal, with some speculating that the suspension is permanent with the return date unknown. Going forward this Wicker-Keep Batsman won’t be permitted from playing in the PSL 2020 Season with the Quetta Gladiators, which stand as the defending champions for this league. The Gladiators now are seeking a replacement for this once formidable batsman.

Umar Akmal once had one of the most respected reputations in the Pakistan Cricket League, with it slowly being diminished after years of controversial behaviour. The beginning event for Akmal’s downfall was when he physically assaulted staff members with the Pakistan National Cricket Academy of Lahore. Akmal attacked these staff members after he’d failed a fitness test and demanded that they illegally reported his success. The PCB publicly stated that the recent actions of Umar Akmal would remind him of the associated responsibilities with professional cricket. Pakistani Supporters hope to see their Wicker-Keep Batsman return after proving himself worthy of playing professionally.

Pakistan Female Cricketers Under Fire

Male Cricket Superstars aren’t the only professionals receive backlash in recent weeks. The Female Pakistan National Team have received an onslaught of slurs after partaking in a promotional advertisement for the Women’s T20 World Cup. The advertising firm required that these women blow into a T20 World Cup Horn, with it resembling them performing fellatio on a man. This was unwarranted behaviour of supporters, demanding that the International Cricket Council not run this advertisement. It’s officially been cancelled following the backlash. These female athletes are now mentally preparing themselves for an onslaught of racial slurs from opposing teams at the T20 World Cup.