Physically Disabled Cricketers Run for Charity

Typically sports outlets reporting on international cricket don’t consider the physically disabled players, the individuals that work towards making a better image for the sport. This was proven again when England’s National Disabled Cricket Team participated in a great marathon that lasted for ten days. Players were inspired to compete in this physical activity to raise charity for Disabled Sports in the Post-COVID Era. They’ve obtained an excess of £1,000.00 British Pounds.

The man behind this marathon is Callum Flynn, a cricketer who became disabled on his 14th birthday. It followed after being diagnosed with Bone Cancer, forcing a Knee Replacement with Titanium Bindings. He coordinated the ten-day marathon and has participated by running five kilometres per day. It should be noted that this physical marathon was maintained indoors via their respective homes. Disabled cricketers ran in their backyards continuously to raise the charitable donations. These men cannot leave their homes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in Great Britain, with Boris Johnson taking a firm stance against anybody breaking social distancing protocols. Leaving their homes would see significant fines imposed upon these cricketers.

Members with England’s National Disabled Cricket Team that are deemed high-risk to the novel coronavirus participated as well. This included Matt Skin, who was diagnosed in 2019 with Asthma. He shouldn’t be participating in the same level of physical activity he did before the diagnosis. When questioned by local reporters on how he’s engaging with this marathon, Matt Skin noted that it’s challenging but manageable at a standard pace. Fans behind this Batsman are concerned that his Asthma will now postpone from competing in the 2021 Season.

Low Donations

These men have a targeted goal to reach 260 Miles, with their first three days already completed. They’ve already completed 120+ Miles in their marathon. It should be mentioned that donations have been minimal since Captain Tom Moore, with this older man being 1st to walk for charity. He obtained more than £30 Million in donations and is now being considered for knighthood. Those supporting disabled sports have suggested these men think of another physical activity to participate in at home for increased contributions.