South Africa ODI Cancelled

The international cricketing community found themselves disappointed by the announcement of England & South Africa’s ODI Series being terminated. Cancellation was implemented after continued infections were confirmed amongst team personnel & players, forcing an unexpected outbreak it what was supposed to be a Bio-Secure Hotel. Both teams were staying inside this facility.

Details regarding which players & team personnel with South Africa to England haven’t been revealed, with both organizations evoking family privacy. Notice was also given that employed personnel with the Bio-Secure Hotel in Cape Town have contracted Covid-19, prompting all staff to immediately leave the facility. Disinfection methods have been initiated, with England players expected to return home before December 24th.

Determining if cancellation was required took two days of negotiating between the ECB & CSA. Cricket South Africa was determined to continue onwards with the ODI Series, while the English & Wales Cricket Board wanted team personnel home immediately. Statements issued by both governing associations emphasised that the mental & physical health of footballers is more valuable than monetary gains associated to continuing the ODI series. Announcements were issued about rescheduling, with the CSA & ECB mentioning that suitable timeframes for when England can return to South Africa will be discussed in January 2021.

Initial Cancellations

The opening match wasn’t sustained, with organizers having to cancel the Cape Town game at Newlands Field. Postponements continued onwards into the following Sunday & Monday, learning multiple cricketers with South Africa had unintentionally infected England’s players. No party is blaming the other, as the nation of South Africa has sustained drastic infection volumes for coronavirus. Outbreaks were theorized by medical personnel long before England traveled to South Africa. It’s known that two players with England had contracted coronavirus, with multiple team personnel receiving confirmed infections. South Africa has three players contracted with Covid-19, and a similar volume of team personnel infected with the virus. All individuals infected are expected to make a full recovery.