South Africa Test Series at Risk

Cricketers from the England National Team travelled from Manchester to South Africa, expecting to compete against the South Africans & dominate over another nation for victory in 2020. Rumours began circulating amongst respective institutions like the BBC & SkySports that the Test Series could be cancelled. November 16th saw these cricketers receive reassurances that matches will continue as scheduled. Team management themselves informed cricketers that an immediate return home wouldn’t be required. The government also confirmed that speculation on tense relations between the ECB & CSA was being held.

Heated discussions were held between leaders of South Africa’s Cricket Association, with the England & Wales Cricket Board refusing to accept the requests of CSA leadership. It was one month prior that leaders in CSA were found guilty of misconduct & mismanagement, prompting the resignation of numerous members, including CSAs Chief Executive Officer. Government federations have investigated CSA leaders ever since the October 2020 scandal. Investigative methods used by the government agency are said to have factored into the heated arguments.

Follow the Rules

The Minister of Sports & Olympics for South Africa proposed an interim meeting to resolve these issues. Board members with the CSA refused this meeting, prompting more significant tensions & the involvement of the ICC. International Cricket Council Advisors forced the two governing bodies to engage in discussions, refusing to intervene on internal negotiations to split earned profits. The International Cricket Council informed they’d ban Cricket South Africa from competing in global competitions if a refusal is given.

The International Cricket Council has grown tired of CSA tactics, which often include abusing regulations & avoiding punishments. ICC Advisors are looking to change that moving forward. It should be clarified that South Africa hasn’t competed since March 7th because of the Covid-19 pandemic & scandal from October 2020. Not being permitted to compete against England would be devastating for South African crickets.