Stuart Broad Commits to ECB Salary Reduction

The England & Wales Cricket Board has requested for months that players willing take reductions in their salary. It’d enable the ECB to offset burdens associated with the COVID-19 pandemic financially. Delays were initiated with these requested, as the test series between Pakistan & the West Indies proved profitable for ECB. The looming second wave of COVID-19 has seen the ECB pre-emptively request that players take a salary reduction. Few have publicly responded, hoping that discussions in pay-cuts are avoided.

One player isn’t approaching this scenario with vindictive intent. Stuart Broad has agreed to cooperate with salary reductions during the COVID-19 pandemic. His agreement comes after being one of England’s best cricketers against the West Indies & Pakistan. Stuart Broad acquired thirteen wickets when combating Pakistan’s national team. That number increased to sixteen wickets against the West Indies. For Stuart Broad to agree, it shows virtue & leadership that’ll likely have other professionals follow suit.

Employment Reductions

The England & Wales Cricket Board has begun financially struggling in recent weeks, announcing on October 1st that sixty-two positions had been terminated from ECB operations. It amounts to 20% of their corporate workforce, with the ECB’s Chief Executive Officer clarifying that £100 million had been lost since COVID-19 began. It’s known that continued restrictions from a coronavirus outbreak will prompt £200 to £250 million in overall losses. ECBs Tom Harrison would struggle to lead the company into recovery as CEO. Financial disruptions on this magnitude create fallouts that cannot be overturned.

England’s Stuart Broad revealed that other cricketers on the national team would agree to salary reductions. The larger number of players that decide to salary reductions will initiate the redevelopment of ECB savings. When questioned on what’ll the result of these discussions be, Stuart Broad evoked that salary reductions will 100% happen & that there are players purposely delaying the enactment for vindicative purposes. It’s selfish behaviour when considering that sixty-two individuals employed by the ECB, lost their jobs.

Potential rifts in leadership could be occurring on England’s national cricket team. Stuart Broad could be looking to overtake Ben Stokes as the primary leader of this squad. However, it’s more likely that Stuart Broad believes in the just cause of financially saving the ECB.