Stuart Broad Considered Retirement

England’s National Cricket Team had one of its star athletes confirm that he’d considered retiring in June 2020. This cricketer was Stuart Broad, who contemplated retirement after England determined his skillsets weren’t required for the 1st Match in the West Indies Series. They’d instead selected Jofra Archer, Mark Wood, and James Anderson for the position of Bowler.

That decision would prove unfavourable for England’s National Cricket Team, who lost to the West Indies by Four Wickets. This would’ve likely been avoided with the selection of Stuart Broad, who maintains one of the highest records for Wickets in 2019-20. Coaching personnel would elect Stuart Broad for the remaining two matches in the West Indies Test Series. They’d win back-to-back games, maintaining overall victory over the Test Series. Most cricket analysts evoke that this wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of Stuart Broad.

Entering into retirement would’ve dismantled the England National Cricket Team, leaving them clamouring for another Bowler that could contend with the skillsets shown by Stuart Broad. When Stuart confirmed that retirement was 100% considered multiple times with certain events throughout his career, he’d remark that it’s never reached a level of discussion with proper forces. It’s always been something kept privately with Stuart Broad until his August 1st confirmation.

Ben Stokes, the Captain for England’s National Cricket Team, was the individual selected to inform Stuart Broad of that he’d not be competing. Coaching staff determined that his skillsets weren’t more important than the Bio-Bubble. Both Stokes & Broad would explicitly mention that when the news arrived, Stuart Broad was left shaking in his place. He was shocked when considering that his record wickets are 2nd highest on the team.

Rifts with Coaching Staff

Analysts speculate that since new coaching personnel were employed with the England National Cricket Team, Stuart Broad has struggled to adhere behind the new leadership & often rifted with these men on what strategies are required to defeat opposing forces. Stuart was often publicly discussed & news regarding his future is rarely brought-up amongst coaching personnel. Burning bridges with Stuart Broad will prove destructive for England’s National Cricket Team, with his talents being a driving force behind their international success.