T20 Qualifiers Postponed During Covid-19 Pandemic

Qualifying Events for the T20 World Cup Championships for 2021 have been postponed. This announcement was made by the International Cricket Council, who confirmed that the decision was made after reviewing the Covid-19 Pandemic. These postponements extend towards the 50-Overs Competition, which would’ve had their qualifying venues in June 2020. This decision was collectively agreed upon by the ICC after Covid-19 has infected 470+ thousand individuals worldwide, with it killing roughly 21+ thousand. Global spreading of this virus has put the world at a standstill, forcing multiple sporting events to be postponed. This extends towards the Premier League, La Liga and UEFA.

The Head of Events for the International Cricket Council, Chris Tetley, provided an official statement to reporters. He mentioned that the unprecedented circumstances worldwide are forcing the ICC to postpone all venues until June 2020. Those postponements could be extended after additional reviews with medical officials. Chris Tetley noted that contingency plans would continue to be created, with the ICC hoping that both the Men’s and Women’s events will be rescheduled for the late summer. Decisions won’t be made based on finances but public safety.

The nation of India was slated to host the T20 World Cup Champion in 2021, which would’ve followed with them hosting the 50-Overs Competition in 2023. Those championship dates could be postponed with the alteration to qualification. It should be noted that the Women’s T20 World Cup was held in Australia during Late February – Early March. This venue was almost cancelled mid-way through over Covid-19 concerns.

India Isn’t Returning to Australia in 2020

When it applies to the Indian National Cricket Team, they’ll most likely have to postponement they’re involved with the Australian T20 Tri-Series. It was expected to be held between October to December, which might not be possible after the Australian government shut down borders for the next six months.

Its unknown is individual permissions will be made for the Indian Cricketers, with Australia have 2000 confirmed cases of Covid-19. Sixteen individuals have died, and the government is doing everything possible to stop increased exposure. Financial analysts in Australia have backlashed this decision, as a six-month closure on borders will have numerous adverse effects onto their economy.