The World’s Highest-Paid Cricket Players

Great players attract large sums of money, and over the years, an increase in sponsorships just kept on adding to the lucrative remuneration that some players receive. Ever wondered how much they do get paid? Let’s have a look at the top five highest-paid players in the game.

Number Five Brings us, David Warner.

The Australian left-hander is noted as one of the controversial players of the decade. His skills have, however, managed to overshadowed his behaviour mostly. Due to the ball-tampering saga which he was involved in, Cricket Australia did suspend him for one year from the game. He was still one of the highest-paid cricketers of Aussie country. The number bringing him into the fifth-place is $5.5 million.

The Charming Number Four – AB de Villiers

Charming and sweet, this South African legend has the crowd at his feet when he steps onto the field. His 360-degree game is legendary, and he is the driving force behind many of the Protea wins. He retired from international competitions in 2018, but the fans can still find him in T20. Coming in at the $6.4 million marks, the South African superstar is at number four on the list.

Number Three, Jamaican Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is considered to be a great ambassador to the world of cricket. His career is stretching over two decades, and at the age of 39, he is still as potent as always. His ability to hit sixes is unparalleled, and he is also known for pioneering slam-bang cricket. Lately, he was playing less for the Caribbean, while being kept busy with T20 leagues internationally. $7.5 million places him in bronze position.

Number Two – the Favourite Son of India

Taking a significant leap to $21.7 million places MS Dhoni in the second position. His career stretches over fifteen years, and it brought him great success and recognition. Three ICC trophies and ranking on the Forbes list of highest-paid athletes during 2014. He is a great inspiration in the Indian cricket community with many youngsters looking at him in admiration. His value has decreased over time, but he still has a list of names which he endorses including some giants in the likings of Reebok, Sonata and TVs.

Number One – A Global Icon

His career took off in 2008, and since then he grew in greatness. Today Virat Kohli is seen as an icon with international acclaim. Nineteen thousand international runs to his name at the age of 30 testifies about the game he plays. In no time, he managed to gain a tremendous amount of popularity both locally as well as globally. During 2019 he was the only cricketer making it to the Forbes list of highest-paid athletes with $24 million assigned to him. Brands like Audi, Tissot and Uber signed him on for endorsement and from all the approvals alone, he secured $20 million into his pocket.