West Indies Crickets Permitted to Cancel Summer Appearance

A shocking announcement was made regarding cricketers with the West Indies. PR Representatives revealed that players would be provided with the opportunity to cancel their appearances with the England Summer Tour. This follows under specialized new conditions created for the Coronavirus Pandemic, with these specific permissions causing concerns for the Wisden Trophy Competition. This isn’t slated to begin until July 8th and will be a closed-door event, but the possibility of losing notable players could prompt the Trophy being lost.

The Cricket West Indies Board and England Cricket Board made a specialized agreement on May 1st. After holding a prolonged delegation through a conference call, which was held between Team Coaches and Captains. With additional members in this conference call including ECB and WIB Administrators. Before they can implement these specialized conditions, both respective governments in Britain and the West Indies will need to approve the COVID-19 regulation.

The Frontrunning Hosts

Two locations are being considered to hold the England Summer Tour, with their involvement permitted because of close proximations to On-Site Hotels. It’d enable each respective athlete to obtain personal quarters, showers, and lavatory facilities. These two locations include the Old Trafford and Ageas Bowl, with the 1st most likely to be selected for its historical attributes. Details surpassing the potential sites haven’t been revealed by the ECB, with confirmation on West Indies Athletes being permitted to cancelled their summer appearance being the most notable news in weeks.

Players with both the West Indies and England Cricket Clubs have publicly expressed their concern about the Summer Series. Some are comfortable with the listed provisions for medical safety, with others claiming it’s not enough. Sources close to the West Indies Club noted that after the 2018 & 2019 Summer Tours in Pakistan, concerns for safety have increased amongst West Indies Cricketers. This marks the 3rd year where their lives are seriously in danger, with a virus being their primary concern instead of war threats. It should be mentioned that athletes with the West Indies have been threatened with kidnapping and extortion while playing in Pakistan. It’ll be interesting to see how many members implement the clause if it’s approved.