About the Game

The game of cricket has been around for more than 500 years, but is it quite exclusive in the sense that only 10 countries play it at the highest level. Although the game commands significant interest, commercial and otherwise, in countries where it is played, its audience is nowhere as broad as some of its contemporary sports, like football (soccer), basketball, etc.

I cannot claim to know all the rules of the game, and neither can some of the top administrators, such is the complexity of this game, the simplistic objective of which is just to score more runs than the opposition. However, with each passing day, one may be introduced to newer aspects, never known or realized before.

I have included this segment as a brief introduction to the game, the detailed study of which is beyond the scope of this blog. However, the attempt is to introduce the game to an unacquainted layman, while also brushing up the basics of more ardent followers:

Cricket History
Rules of the Game