Warner and Smith Not Yet Welcomed by Cricket Community

England will play against Australia later this week at Lord’s for the first international match between the two cricket teams since the pair from Australia returned to the game after their suspension from cricket due to the ball-tampering scandal that occurred in March 2018.

Even though Morgan did not call on fans to show their disapproval for the Australian pair’s action, he did use the opportunity to discourage boos that have welcomed them on several cricket grounds. By contrast, Virat Kohli has gestured that spectators should stop applauding and jeering Smith during the World Cup match between India and Australia.

Morgan stated that fans pay a great deal of money to see the matches live and therefore, they are welcome to react and do as they see fit. No one can anticipate their reactions to individual players. Just because two players received punishment for their actions, served their time, and returned to the game, doesn’t mean that they will be accepted back immediately. Patience is needed as this will take a great deal of time.

The Smith and Warner Scandal

Smith and Warner were suspended for 12 months by Cricket Australia after the incident occurred during the Newlands Test in 2018. The two cricket players received several boos from the crowd in various sections when Australia played against England in the warm-up match for the World Cup in Southampton during May. Fortunately, Smith was not too bothered by this who managed to make a century in the game.

The crowd at Lord’s is a bit more polite, and booing rarely occurs at this cricket ground. However, the World Cup tends to appeal to a completely different crowd than usual matches that are played here. Stewards will be briefed on the situation to assist in differentiating between banter and abuse.

The Australian cricket captain, Aaron Finch, stated that it would not make any difference to his team and their overall performance. It might even provide an extra layer of motivation for his team to win. He stated that as a cricket player, you rarely hear what people have to say about you. You might listen to noises at certain times, but nothing specific. Whether the entire stadium boos or only a handful of players, it doesn’t matter when Smith or Warner step out to bat.

The comments made by Morgan follow a similar pattern as those made by Jonny Bairstow. Jonny experienced a few exciting events during the Ashes Tour when he made references to Darren Lehmann, the coach for the Australian team, calling on fans to give it to Stuart Broad the entire summer in hopes that he would cry and go home ahead of the 2013/14 Ashes Tour.

The World’s Oldest Cricket Grounds

Cricket is a prevalent sport across the globe. The competition is accessible in several countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Pakistan, India, and many others. Due to its immense popularity, there have been several stadiums constructed around the world to ensure cricket games can be hosted for teams and spectators alike. Some of them form part of sports history because they’ve hosted some of the best cricket matches ever played. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the oldest cricket stadiums in the world.

Lord’s Cricket Ground

Often referred to as Lord’s, the Lord’s cricket ground is undoubtedly the oldest on our list. It’s often called the Home of Cricket and was established by Thomas Lord who was a professional cricket player from England. He managed to construct several cricket grounds from 1787 until 1814. The very first cricket ground was known as the Lord’s Old Ground, and it was situated where the Dorset Square is today in London. His second cricket ground that was used until 1813 was abandoned to construct Regent’s Canal.

Trent Bridge Ground

The second oldest cricket ground in the world is the Trent Bridge Ground which is situated in West Bridgford, England. This cricket ground has been used to enjoy cricket since the early 1830s. During 1899, the very first test match between Australia and England took place on this famous cricket ground. Since then, it managed to host several cricket matches, Test matches, and One Day Internationals. It’s also the home ground for the prestigious Nottingham County Cricket Club and is considered the best place to enjoy watching a cricket match.

The Oval

This is probably one of the most famous cricket ground’s on earth and the third oldest cricket ground in the world. The stadium is located in London, England and is the home ground for the impressive Surrey County Cricket Club. The cricket ground was initially constructed back in 1845 and has managed to host the very first international cricket match again in 1880. Thanks to tradition, each year the final test of the English season is held here, and it plays host to other sporting events, such as rugby and football matches.

The Sydney Cricket Ground

The fourth oldest cricket ground in the world is the SCG, or Sydney Cricket Ground, which is situated in Australia. It was initially constructed in 1848 and is located in New South Wales. You can enjoy all types of cricket on this ground, including One Day Internationals, Twenty20, and Test matches. Apart from cricket, it also plays host to a decent selection of other sporting events, such as rugby, football, and others.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

The fifth oldest cricket ground is also situated in Australia and was initially constructed in 1854. It is also considered the largest cricket stadium in the world. It’s located in Melbourne, Victoria and played host to two cricket world cups along with the Summer Olympic games in 1956. The fifth oldest cricket ground is also situated in Australia and was initially constructed in 1854. It is also considered the largest cricket stadium in the world. It’s located in Melbourne, Victoria and played host to two cricket world cups along with the Summer Olympic games in 1956.

Hamid Hassan is Back in the 2019 Cricket World Cup

The famous headband has been on ever since he made his arrival in the United Kingdom for the start of the World Cup tour for Afghanistan. However, he only started smearing his cheeks at a later stage. After almost three years of being absent from the international cricket world, Hamid Hassan finally made his way back into the sport he loves during May 2019.

Hamid Hassan at the 2019 World Cup in England

He managed to do his warm-up bowling routine while wearing a wool beanie in an extremely cold Edinburgh over the weekend. A couple of days later he managed to suit up and participate in his first One Day International since July 2016 where he bowled off a considerably shortened run-up that what we are all used to from his golden days when he was regarded as the most feared bowler in the world. This was also a time when he was robbed by financial reward and glory due to a catastrophic accident that took everything away from him.

Even when he participated in the warm-up victory against Pakistan, he seemed nothing like the Hassan we all know and love. And when he managed to take a wicket, Hamid Hassan’s usual celebration was restricted entirely. However, the Stallone-inspired cheek streaks of green, red, and black across his face during a match against England provided a slight hint of the old Hamid Hassan. This indicated that he has one last rodeo up his sleeve before he retires from one-day cricket.

Hamid Hassan will inform everyone until his face turns blue that he will never retire officially. However, why was he selected after all this time? Hamid stated that he has done quite a bit for his country in the past and that he is someone that will never give up. When he is on the ground, he does everything he can for his country and team.

Hamid Hassan’s Career

Apart from Rashid Khan, there’s no one else that has managed to take wickets at a faster rate than Hamid Hassan. Since the start of the country’s ascent from the World Cricket League Division Five during 2008, Hamid Hassan was the country’s most consistent bowler in white-ball cricket. He was primarily a dominant force during 50-over matches where he claimed 58 wickets in only 29 games for the beginning of the 2008 Division Five right through to the maiden ODI less than a year later to cap the World Cup Qualifier in 2009 that took place in South Africa.

He managed to terrorise countries like Tanzania, the Cayman Islands, and Japan along the way from Division 5 to Division 1, swinging the ball both ways between 145 and 150 kph. Most of the players he played against would have been thrilled if they could deliver the ball at 130kph consistently. Hamid Hassan has one more opportunity to rock the world during the 2019 Cricket World Cup, so make sure to watch his performance before he disappears forever.

South Africa to Face India in Southampton

Faf du Plessis strongly believes that the South African cricket team can reach the semi-finals of the 2019 Cricket World Cup, even though Dale Steyn, considered the talisman paceman of the group, was ruled out of the cricket tournament.
South Africa confirmed on Tuesday that Dale Steyn, the veteran seam bowler, has suffered a brand-new shoulder injury since he arrived in the United Kingdom which forced the Proteas to replace him with none other than Beuran Hendricks.

South Africa vs India

South Africa is set to clash with India on Wednesday in Southampton with Lungi Ngidi and Dale Steyn missing from the match, while Anrich Nortje was also ruled out of the tournament. The South African cricket team have already lost against both Bangladesh and England since arriving in the United Kingdom and have never lost three opening games in a row. However, this time around they are facing a huge mountain to ensure they can reach the final four if India defeats them on Wednesday. Thankfully, Faf Du Plessis, as the South African cricket captain, remains confident that they can make it through to the semi-finals.

Du Plessis explained that the match between South Africa and India is not an exact make or break situation, stating that the target is six victories and the Proteas still have seven games in hand. The captain also said that it would be fantastic if the achievements can start rolling in against India as there are no easy games in the Cricket World Cup this time around.

South Africa’s Situation

South Africa need to upgrade their skills to achieve success in the World Cup against India, even though India is currently ranked as the second-best team in the world. South Africa has struggled to deliver on the skills that will allow them to be in a good position going forward. South Africa hopes that it will improve with every game they play in the World Cup, especially against a team like India. Dr Mohammed Moosajee, the medical chief for South Africa, confirmed that the injury suffered by Dale Steyn is a new shoulder injury and that he will not be able to play against India this week. Hendricks will only arrive on matchday against India which means he also won’t be able to participate in the match.

The entire South African cricket team are hoping that the injury suffered by Steyn is not the end of his career. His teammates are staying strong for him and hope that the two years of pain and suffering comes to an end and will allow him to play again shortly. The fact that Dale Steyn is not in the team means that the captain is required to draw up a brand-new strategy plan to face the remaining cricket teams in the World Cup. This is not an easy task, but he believes it’s possible to make the necessary changes before it’s too late.