Alex Hales Possible Return Indicated by Woakes

Supporters behind England’s National Cricket Team have eagerly awaited the return of Alex Hales. This batsman was terminated from the 2019 World Cup in May of last year, which followed after Hales tested positive for drug use. The details of which drugs Alex Hales was administering to himself weren’t revealed. Insiders suggested it could’ve been marijuana, prompting England Cricket supporters to express their backlash against the termination of Hales. Players with this National Team are now supporting the concept of Alex returning as well, with Chris Woakes mentioning that he’d welcome the batsman back with open arms.

Woakes noted that Alex Hales is working towards improving his lifestyle and that everyone struggles during their lives. Returning to the England National Cricket Team became a top priority for Alex after the COVID-19 pandemic became deadly throughout Great Britain. It’s suspected that a reality check was imposed onto Hales, prompting him to return to training and hopefully regain his position.

Professional cricket in Great Britain is slated to return by July 2020, with a maximum of thirty players permitted for each team. All opponents wanting to compete against England will be required to enter the country fourteen days earlier than the imposed match date. During those fourteen days, quarantine measures will be imposed on travelling athletes. Same standards are being enforced onto the thirty players selected when they travel abroad. All sixty crickets, on-site personnel, and coaching staff will be administered a COVID-19 Testing Kit during these venues. Tests will apply when entering & leaving the facility.

Alex Hales Not Accepted by All

It should be mentioned that others in England’s National Cricket Team are willing to accept the return of Alex Hales. Eoin Morgan, the Teams Capitan, remarked that the decision of his batsman was a complete breakdown of unit-wide trust. Morgan won’t be willing to accept the return of Hales, requesting coaching staff to locate another free agent. It should be noted that Eoin Morgan has been found drunk on multiple occasions. Everyone has their respective weakness, and for this Captain to act, impartial showcases a blatant ego. We will inform our readers in Alex Hales is permitted to return to International Professional Cricket.

British Cricketers Resuming Training Next Week

The England & Wales Cricket Board made a surprising announcement this week, with it being revealed that ECB players will be permitted to individual training starting on May 20th. This decision follows after the COVID-19 Lockdown in the United Kingdom slowly begins to be lifted. Players in England, Wales, Scotland, or Ireland will be allowed to have minimal training sessions at supported fields. Physiotherapy physicians and coaching staff are the exclusive individuals permitted around these players. When it applies to secondary teams, those members won’t begin their training until June 1st. That’s because their services aren’t as influential to the national team.

The Director of England Cricket noted that these tentative steps are being reviewed regularly. Any concerns regarding the safety of players against this virus will force training to stop immediately. The ECB also isn’t permitting an official match until July 1st, where England will take on the West Indies in a Test series. Anxieties related to West Indie cricketers caused for their governing association to implement special measures, which allow for their players to remove themselves from this test series. That means there’ll be minimal chances of the July 1st match-up occurring.

It’s known that thirty players registered with the EBC will be provided several weeks for training. These individuals have eleven locations available to them, with three players permitted at each training facility. It’s known that their first training sessions will be on May 18th, with coaching personnel having to abide by social distancing measures. Those practising physiotherapy will be required to wear N95 Masks and Medical Gloves while treating their players. Refusal could prompt an immediate termination of that physiotherapist.

The Guidelines

The UK Government released guidelines for all elite athletes returning to their training. These guidelines noted players must arrive on-scene in their training attire while committing to social distancing. The support staff will take the temperature of players before their allowed to enter & leave the training facility. Players themselves will be required to wear protective face equipment when they aren’t practising, and they won’t be allowed to use locker rook facilities at these sites. These conditions have been implemented for the safety of the ECB community.

Physically Disabled Cricketers Run for Charity

Typically sports outlets reporting on international cricket don’t consider the physically disabled players, the individuals that work towards making a better image for the sport. This was proven again when England’s National Disabled Cricket Team participated in a great marathon that lasted for ten days. Players were inspired to compete in this physical activity to raise charity for Disabled Sports in the Post-COVID Era. They’ve obtained an excess of £1,000.00 British Pounds.

The man behind this marathon is Callum Flynn, a cricketer who became disabled on his 14th birthday. It followed after being diagnosed with Bone Cancer, forcing a Knee Replacement with Titanium Bindings. He coordinated the ten-day marathon and has participated by running five kilometres per day. It should be noted that this physical marathon was maintained indoors via their respective homes. Disabled cricketers ran in their backyards continuously to raise the charitable donations. These men cannot leave their homes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in Great Britain, with Boris Johnson taking a firm stance against anybody breaking social distancing protocols. Leaving their homes would see significant fines imposed upon these cricketers.

Members with England’s National Disabled Cricket Team that are deemed high-risk to the novel coronavirus participated as well. This included Matt Skin, who was diagnosed in 2019 with Asthma. He shouldn’t be participating in the same level of physical activity he did before the diagnosis. When questioned by local reporters on how he’s engaging with this marathon, Matt Skin noted that it’s challenging but manageable at a standard pace. Fans behind this Batsman are concerned that his Asthma will now postpone from competing in the 2021 Season.

Low Donations

These men have a targeted goal to reach 260 Miles, with their first three days already completed. They’ve already completed 120+ Miles in their marathon. It should be mentioned that donations have been minimal since Captain Tom Moore, with this older man being 1st to walk for charity. He obtained more than £30 Million in donations and is now being considered for knighthood. Those supporting disabled sports have suggested these men think of another physical activity to participate in at home for increased contributions.

West Indies Crickets Permitted to Cancel Summer Appearance

A shocking announcement was made regarding cricketers with the West Indies. PR Representatives revealed that players would be provided with the opportunity to cancel their appearances with the England Summer Tour. This follows under specialized new conditions created for the Coronavirus Pandemic, with these specific permissions causing concerns for the Wisden Trophy Competition. This isn’t slated to begin until July 8th and will be a closed-door event, but the possibility of losing notable players could prompt the Trophy being lost.

The Cricket West Indies Board and England Cricket Board made a specialized agreement on May 1st. After holding a prolonged delegation through a conference call, which was held between Team Coaches and Captains. With additional members in this conference call including ECB and WIB Administrators. Before they can implement these specialized conditions, both respective governments in Britain and the West Indies will need to approve the COVID-19 regulation.

The Frontrunning Hosts

Two locations are being considered to hold the England Summer Tour, with their involvement permitted because of close proximations to On-Site Hotels. It’d enable each respective athlete to obtain personal quarters, showers, and lavatory facilities. These two locations include the Old Trafford and Ageas Bowl, with the 1st most likely to be selected for its historical attributes. Details surpassing the potential sites haven’t been revealed by the ECB, with confirmation on West Indies Athletes being permitted to cancelled their summer appearance being the most notable news in weeks.

Players with both the West Indies and England Cricket Clubs have publicly expressed their concern about the Summer Series. Some are comfortable with the listed provisions for medical safety, with others claiming it’s not enough. Sources close to the West Indies Club noted that after the 2018 & 2019 Summer Tours in Pakistan, concerns for safety have increased amongst West Indies Cricketers. This marks the 3rd year where their lives are seriously in danger, with a virus being their primary concern instead of war threats. It should be mentioned that athletes with the West Indies have been threatened with kidnapping and extortion while playing in Pakistan. It’ll be interesting to see how many members implement the clause if it’s approved.