England steals another match as New Zealand fumbles to defeat Sophie Ecclestone and Katie George

The England women’s team impressive their loyal fanbase as they were able to get their limited over trophy after playing as hard as they could during their matches this summer. On the other hand, New Zealand has gifted a depressing 123-run loss while at the second ODI at the Derby. Though watching the game just proves that it was a one-sided success as players from England, such as Heather Knight, ensured that her team would have a 2-0 win which guided England towards the path of finals.

New Zealand was chasing an unrealistic target of 242, which was shown as the team fumbled and struggled while on the field while some of England’s star players of the night, Katie George combined with Katherine Brunt, who worked together in perfect unison to score a total of three wickets. Although the surprises didn’t end there, NZ was then put against New England’s spin attack which helped the team gain its flawless victory. Online cricket betting sites took notice of their success and that is reflected in the favourable odds, and for punters wanting to place bets on cricket, there are many top rated cricket sites for just that.

For a while this season, New Zealand did not have the best record. It was made even more evident as the team, lost six wickets for 17 runs. Before the match even begun, it was assumed that it would end quickly and without a hitch for England due to NZ playing history this series. Though, this may have been the goal to finish the match before the highly-anticipated match between France and Belgium semi-finals game. Though throughout the series, England chanted their mantra loud and clear as the team has stated that football is finally coming home.

While many wouldn’t want to in the first place, there’s no way that anyone could ignore the final set during the England match. A star layer whose name has been seen more recently with England’s success is Sophie Ecclestone, who received the title of being the player of the tournament due to her calculated skill and precision. Ecclestone proved to be a challenge for the New Zealand players as she started off with a strong attack which gained some points for England as she claimed two wickets.

Another standout player was Katie George, who just seems to be adding more and more fame to her record, and this match was just another chapter. She created history with her career as she led with figures of 3 for 36. With the fumble of Sophie Devine did cause a small issue to form. Other players on the team made up for it, especially Amy Satterthwaite, who played skilfully on the field.

While England did ultimately have the success in the game, it is undeniable to state that they went out any issues. The team did face a few shortcomings, such as having the wrong footing or even having sluggish movements which could have created openings for New Zealand if the latter was on their A game of scoring a win. Despite the few fumbles, none of the shortcomings seen by England could compare to what happened with New Zealand, which is enforced by their impressive wins and upgrade to playing for the finals game this summer.

How One Player Guided a Win During the England vs. India Match

Alex Hales, a cricket player for England, leads the team into one of the most dramatic, attention-grabbing final-over wins that were seen in this season’s Twenty20 International match against India. During the match, England began to slip to the opponent which caused a 12-point difference between the teams. Many assumed once the difference became twelve at that point in the game it would surely be another loss for the English team.

Although Hales had a different plan. The player used his experience from his currently unbeaten 58 to change the table in the last minutes of the match. While England would need twelve points to secure a win – Hales went into action by hitting Bhuvneshwar Kumar for an impressive six points, followed by another four. Although David Willey was the player to score the final wins needed for the deciding factor for the Sunday match in Bristol.

Previous Downfall

England had a successful match against Australia previously during this season tournament. Although, after their winning streak, the English team was hit with a devastating match against India on Tuesday at Old Trafford. This is not too surprising as India has been playing a successful season with strong leads.

While in Cardiff, England realised that the intensive boundaries that India was known for playing this year would be a hard match for a spinner to overcome. That is why Jake Ball had his debut while Mooen Ali was placed on the sidelines. While Ball did have an impressive performance, he stood no match as he watched India strip away 22 from his final over. Then the ruthless team carried the same passion on the field during the match.

Hales, on the other hand, stepped up and tried his hardest to overcome the awkwardness of playing in the position four – all while trying to figure how to get a head’s up on India’s prominent spinners, Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep. Despite being in front of a plethora of fans for India, England kept India on their toes of the majority of the first half of the match.

How Did Hales Lead England to Victory

It’s undeniable. At first, England looked as it has lost all hope of achieving a win due to the combined efforts of Kuldeep and Chahal, which created the shocking 12-point difference between the two teams. Additionally, the English players did misread some of the actions of the Indian team which caused even more opportunities for the team to achieve wins.

Nevertheless, Hales and Eion Morgan held strong and gave it their all to achieve the win that England desired. While Morgan provided an expectational show, it was ultimately Hales who started taking off points from Bhuvneshwar which lead to the action-filled win.

While the results of this match roved favourably for England, the only question that remains is will the team be able to create a winning streak during their next match or will they have to cut it close once again.