John Edrich Dies at 83

An unfortunate announcement was issued by the England & Wales Cricket Board, confirming that another prominent athlete from the ECBs history had died at 83. John Edrich is known for influencing an entire generation of cricket supporters, with displayed skillsets being riveting & noticeable for anyone watching. John Edrich sustained seventy-seven test series with England’s National Cricket Team. Considered a legendary icon from Surrey, John participated in twelve centuries & finished his career at 43.54 with England.

Surrey supporters that famed John Edrich know the cricketer for competing in the “First Class” and “List A” divisions in England. His tenures in both exceeded 720 official matches. John Edrich was considered one of Great Britain’s most knowledgeable & experienced cricketers until his passing. The batting average of Edrich is the First Class and List A Divisions were ranked at 45.47 to 35.23, respectively.

Rumours suggest that John Edrich died from complications with leukaemia. Those rumors are falsified, with the famed batsman dying of natural causes in his home. Family stood by his side in Edrich’s final moments. John Edrich survived treatments for leukaemia by taking infections of mistletoe extracts. Before learning of the unfortunate cancer, John served as the President of Surrey County Cricket Club.

The Accolades

Characteristics of bravery were standard with John Edrich, who didn’t back down from anyone that rivalled his cricketing skillsets. Fearsome bowlers from prior decades like Wayne Daniel, Andy Roberts, and Michael Holding wouldn’t find the talents needed to overcome John. It’s these skillsets that enabled John Edrich to become an “MBE of Great Britain” in 1977. Records are still sustained by John Edrich decades after retirement. No other cricketer has acquired fifty-two fours, which is still the highest number of any test series in EBC history. Those accolades allowed Edrich to acquire the “Wisden’s Cricketer of the Year” award in 1966. Learning of his passing has saddened older supporters & condolences have come in the thousands for the Edrich Family.