England Clinches T20 Series in South Africa

For the England Squad, the T20 series in South Africa has been a success. It was also the location where David Malan debuted his talents and helped England to claim a win the T20 series over the South African squad.

The win meant that England sealed its victory with only a single match left to play. It also saw David Malan value on the squad taking a lead forward. Malan began his professional cricket career playing for Boland as a left hander before returning to London for a gap year. That led for Malan picking up a contract with Middlesex and taking him down a professional career that saw him jump to No. 1 in the T20 ranks for

Malan scored an impressive run

During the game, Malan had a homecoming that saw him having an impressive run that helped the team to chase a goal of 147 after his 50 score over 18 outings.  While Reeza Hendricks, a South African cricketer who plays for the Highveld Lions, eventually fell Malan on the rope while chasing a second six. Hendricks managed to grind out 29 of 31 balls while dealing with England’s power-hitters before battering 26 from his next nine.

While it was clear that England has regrets at being unable to complete the chase, Eoin Morgan, who was instrumental in helping England score the victory was still on the pitch at the end. Morgan was helped by Chris Jordan scored the winning runs leaving a ball to spare.

After the match, Malan commented, when asked whether his local knowledge was helpful stated: “Absolutely zero. That wicket played so different to what I’m used to here. It was slow and really difficult to time the ball. It was nice to be back but it would have been fantastic to have a crowd in and my parents here, although my high-school coach was one of the guys throwing the ball back when it went over the boundary for six.”

Beyond the courage displayed against England, it is evident that the skills needed for next year when the T20 arrives in India will be critical for participating squads success. Next years Cup, which is being sponsored by MPL Sports, will include squads from around the world including England, New Zealand and Australia.

England Announces Cricket 2021 Fixtures

Fixtures for the 2021 England Cricket Campaign have been revealed by the ICC. Influential matches include Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka arriving to Great Britain’s borders for tours sustaining several days. Fixtures also notified supporters that South Africa & New Zealand will compete in England for an ODI/T20I Series event. These announcements are notable because a full season is being announced, ensuring that ICCs World Test Championship finale will advance onwards by June 2021. Championship settings won’t begin until the Sri Lanka tour series is completed in July. Detailed scheduling was provided for India’s, Pakistan’s, and Sri Lanka’s respective tours.

Sri Lanka will begin their contention against England’s National Cricket Team on June 29th, 2021. It will sustain three matches, with the most prominent being held at England’s Durham. There’ll also be games held at the Oval & the Bristol. It’ll be days after competing against Sri Lanka that England moves towards their tour with Pakistan, which will comprise of three matches in the ODI format. An additional three games will follow in the T20I format with Pakistan for England immediately afterwards.

August 2021 will see the five test matches with India begin. Four of five games are being sustained at Trent Bridge, with the final match being held at the Old Trafford. India’s competition with England will finalize on September 10th, meaning that the series will sustain longer than one month, with the competition beginning on August 4th.

Pakistan, the Rivals.

The National England Cricket Team have plenty to prove with these matches. Pakistan have dominated against the British powerhouse previously, with prior series ever draws for losses for England. That won’t be repeated against in their home nation. However, Pakistan is international crickets most prominent team & will likely display the same formidable skills that acquired them victory at the 2019 Cricket World Cup. England will have to implement new strategies to guarantee the slightest opportunity of contention against Pakistan.

South Africa Test Series at Risk

Cricketers from the England National Team travelled from Manchester to South Africa, expecting to compete against the South Africans & dominate over another nation for victory in 2020. Rumours began circulating amongst respective institutions like the BBC & SkySports that the Test Series could be cancelled. November 16th saw these cricketers receive reassurances that matches will continue as scheduled. Team management themselves informed cricketers that an immediate return home wouldn’t be required. The government also confirmed that speculation on tense relations between the ECB & CSA was being held.

Heated discussions were held between leaders of South Africa’s Cricket Association, with the England & Wales Cricket Board refusing to accept the requests of CSA leadership. It was one month prior that leaders in CSA were found guilty of misconduct & mismanagement, prompting the resignation of numerous members, including CSAs Chief Executive Officer. Government federations have investigated CSA leaders ever since the October 2020 scandal. Investigative methods used by the government agency are said to have factored into the heated arguments.

Follow the Rules

The Minister of Sports & Olympics for South Africa proposed an interim meeting to resolve these issues. Board members with the CSA refused this meeting, prompting more significant tensions & the involvement of the ICC. International Cricket Council Advisors forced the two governing bodies to engage in discussions, refusing to intervene on internal negotiations to split earned profits. The International Cricket Council informed they’d ban Cricket South Africa from competing in global competitions if a refusal is given.

The International Cricket Council has grown tired of CSA tactics, which often include abusing regulations & avoiding punishments. ICC Advisors are looking to change that moving forward. It should be clarified that South Africa hasn’t competed since March 7th because of the Covid-19 pandemic & scandal from October 2020. Not being permitted to compete against England would be devastating for South African crickets.

Ben Stokes Confirmed for T20 South Africa Tour

Coaching personnel for England’s National Cricket Team have begun announcing their lineup of players for their T20 exhibition tour in South Africa. This tour is arriving in December & will mark the first instance of England competing inside the borders of South Africa in decades. Supporters of international cricket are excited to see the action that unfolds during this exhibition tour, with most hoping that Ben Stokes would be confirmed for contention. It’s been announced by England’s T20 Squad that their Captain will return at the South African tournament. Stokes hasn’t competed for nearly two months following his fathers downward spiral with brain cancer. However, the England National Team has managed to sustain identical results without Ben Stokes.

The South African exhibition series will sustain six matches, which will begin on November 27th and end of December 9th. There’ll be three matches under the T20 Division, with an additional three games formatted in the ODI Division. Ben Stokes won’t be the exclusive player with prominent skillsets competing at these games, with Sam Curran & Jofra Archer confirmed for the exhibition series.

Competing at the South African T20 & ODI exhibition series will give these cricketers superior experience towards proposed internationals with India & Sri Lanka. England hasn’t contested in either of these nations for a prolonged period. It’s not guaranteed that either of these international exhibitions will be sustained with neither being confirmed. Permitting that the “England & Wales Cricket Board” approves these tournaments, the England National Team will support more prominence throughout the global cricketing community.

Steve Smith, the previous Captain of Australia’s National Cricket Team, clarified that Ben Stokes is an exceptional player that will provide England with a formidable chance at winning against South Africa. Steve Smith left Australia for the England National Cricket Team in 2020. Additional competitors slated to compete against South Africa include Eoin Morgan, who is employed domestically in the Indian Premier League. This league regularly competes against South Africa, giving England’s Captain inside information into strategies that’ll evoke positive results. It should be noted that whichever team wins the upcoming exhibition tour will receive contention for the 2023 World Cup.

Phil Neale Retires After 21 Years

The England & Wales Cricket Board made a surprising announcement regarding one of their lifelong employed personal. Phil Neale, the “England Men’s Cricket Operations Manager”, has confirmed his retirement. October 31st saw the long-time manager confirm that starting on November 1st he’d be leaving his duties. His decision to retire ends twenty-one years of service for the ECB & England Men’s Cricket Team.

Phil Neale received employment from the England & Wales Cricket Board in 1999. His time spent with the organization saw multiple changes in leadership, with Neale providing reliable & consistent services which maintained his employment through shifts of management. Six head coaches came & went while Phil Neale maintained operations for the ECB. He’ll remember influential moments in England Cricket history, with roughly 890+ matches occurring throughout his twenty-one years of service.

The Managing Director of England Men’s Cricket releasing a statement regarding Neale’s retirement. Ashley Giles thanked Phil Neale for his lifelong contribution to England Cricket & for displaying loyal service to his nation when being offered employment by other teams. It should be noted that during Neale’s career, he’d never show disloyalty to England. This applied even when competing in professional cricket during the late 90s. Phil Neale would spend the majority of his career at Worcestershire Club, acquiring the 1988 & 89 Championships. His legendary status as cricket grew during the Sunday League in 1987 & 1988, where Phil Neale acquired two back-to-back crowns.

Ready for Retirement

When questioned on why he’s leaving the England & Wales Cricket Board, Phil Neale noted that he wouldn’t have ever known the right time to retire. That throughout the pandemic family-time has become more important & prompted a change of mindset. He knew that retiring before returning to the pitch for England’s next test series in South Africa was required, or the time for retirement could’ve come considerably later.

Phil Neale retires from the England & Wales Cricket Board after sustaining a role as player to corporate leader. His career sustained forty-five years, which included ten seasons with the Worcestershire Club. It should be mentioned that before competing in professional cricket, Phil Neale played in the EFL with Lincoln City for 369 official matches.

England’s National Cricket Team Agree to Bonus Cuts

Cricketers with England’s National Cricket Team have agreed to slash their bonuses by 15% from October 2020 to November 2021. This follows after the England & Wales Cricket Board saw losses exceeding £100 Million, with those financial burdens expected to sustain themselves throughout 2021. Cricketers have been expected to permit reductions in their salary & bonuses, guarantying to the ECB have finances needed to support tournaments in 2021. Most don’t understand how important this announcement is, with the England & Wales Cricket Board has never slashed bonuses since it was introduced in 2000.

The England National Cricket Team would obtain anywhere from £44,000.00 to £176,000.00 for winning a test series. How those bonus funds were determined was based around the opposition’s ranking in the ECB Five-Tier System. Teams in the lowest tier that are defeated would evoke the £44k bonus valuation, while oppositions beaten in the highest levels enabled bonus payouts of £176k. Cricketers have agreed that the ECB can payout half those funds for test series where the opponent is defeated. This means the lowest bonus funds now are £22k, with the highest being £88k.

ECB Women’s Division Take Bonus Cuts

The England & Wales Cricket Board didn’t request that the male division exclusively take bonus cuts. The ECB female division was also asked to make similar cuts. Whenever England’s Women’s Cricket Team won their test series, bonus prizes of £30k to £60k were awarded depending on the division ranking of their opposition. Those valuations are now slashed by 50% at £15k to £30k.

The England & Wales Cricket Board have actively avoided discussing bonus reductions with the female division. Their request to the female division came weeks after their male counterparts made a £500,000.00 donation on behalf of the ECB. Those funds could’ve been saved to sustain bonus salaries for the 2021 season. It shows the stark reality of how professional cricket is more about maintaining an image than playing the sport, an active complaint associated with middle-class supporters. It should be mentioned that depending on how long the COVID-19 Pandemic is sustained internationally; bonus salaries could continue being reduced into 2022.

England Arriving in Pakistan for 1st Time since 2005

The England & Wales Cricket Board made a shocking announcement that they’ve begun discussions to hold an exhibition tour in Pakistan. It’d mark the first instance of England arriving in Pakistan since 2005, citing player-wide security concerns relating to an ongoing war between Al-Qaeda & the United States in the region. The latest announcement was first reported on “ESPN Cricket Info”, with the Pakistani Cricket Board and ECB confirming that discussions have begun. It’s said that the exhibition tour would be held somewhere around January to February 2021.

Executives with the Pakistani Cricket Board made an official statement regarding a potential tour. Minimal information was provided, with more coming after discussions & security checks have been finalized. British Cricketer & now PCB Managing Director Wasim Khan was questioned on the announcement of tour discussions.

PCB Initiated Discussions

Wasim Khan detailed that relations between the ECB and PCR are good, with the two governing entities maintaining continued communication on the possibility of an exhibition tour. Khan evoked that the British High Commissioner has also entered the discussions and is doing a formidable job in locating the best solutions to permit this tour. Regional security concerns aren’t the only hurdle to overcome, with COVID-19 still factoring into this decision. That’s why Wasim Khan believes individuals from multiple parties need to lead towards the right direction for a Pakistani tour to become a reality.

Managing Director Wasim Khan clarified that he’d initiated discussions with the England & Wales Cricket Board on October 12th. Khan invited England’s National Team to an exhibition tour and received a prompt formal response. Talks began on October 14th, with the PCB & ECB having enough confidence in the possible tour that they’ve confirmed discussions. Requirements needed to permit a Pakistani tour include:

  • Security Assessments.
  • COVID-19 Assessments.
  • PCR Testing Capabilities.
  • Healthcare Sustainability.

It should be noted that under the possibility of this exhibition tour being declined, the England & Wales Cricket Board is sending their national team in 2022 to Pakistan. Within the next 24-Months, there’ll be an exhibition tour in Pakistan. It should be noted though that the ECB is actively working towards approving the January to February 2021 tour.

Jofra Archer Defends England Against Michael Holding’s

The BLM movement hasn’t been forgotten by Jofra Archer, a formidable athlete on England’s National Cricket Team. Archer demands that England hasn’t forgotten about the BLM Movement, with criticism growing across the United Kingdom since Michael Holding criticized England for eliminating national anthem kneeling. This is honorary now for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

England’s National Cricket Team taking the onslaught of criticism makes zero sense. Michael Holding works for SkySports, reviewing football matches live for millions worldwide. Criticism was evoked towards England from Michael Holding, who protested that when the West Indies National Team left, the kneeling stopped. The SkySports Reporter emphasized that Jofra Archer & other cricketers that didn’t kneel had hopped onto a bandwagon that’s starting to die-down.

These sentiments from Michael Holding didn’t suit Jofra Archer, prompting a response from England’s most politicized & engaging cricketer. This response was more significant than anything Archer had accomplished before, which included a formal complaint to Tom Harrison. The ECB Chief Executive Officer will now have to publicly respond towards Michael Holding, which could see the long-time reporter lose his career.

ECB Becoming More Inclusive

EuroSports questioned Jofra Archer on his thoughts behind Michael Holding’s remarks. Archer stated that Michael isn’t aware of EBC Protocol & hasn’t spoken with Tom Harrison. Jofra believes that Holding’s thinks Tom Harrison won’t dispute these comments. However, the England & Cricket Board has made extensive promises to support equality. Jofra Archer has suggested that the ECB implemented a league-wide discrimination code, which would permit teams to implement life-long bans onto racist supporters. It’s a similar suggestion that multiple athletes have made in the ECB & Premier League.

It should be mentioned that the England & Cricket Board is maintained by a Board of Directors, which are exclusively Caucasian. The ECB hasn’t employed a single executive of African descent. Jofra Archer & other cricketers with African descent have been promised that’ll change over the coming years. ECB executives have already implemented educational programs for the African-Caribbean Communities in Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. Michael Holding being aware of these contributions to equality, would’ve likely seen him more reserved on SkySports. How the broadcaster reacts isn’t known to date.

Stuart Broad Commits to ECB Salary Reduction

The England & Wales Cricket Board has requested for months that players willing take reductions in their salary. It’d enable the ECB to offset burdens associated with the COVID-19 pandemic financially. Delays were initiated with these requested, as the test series between Pakistan & the West Indies proved profitable for ECB. The looming second wave of COVID-19 has seen the ECB pre-emptively request that players take a salary reduction. Few have publicly responded, hoping that discussions in pay-cuts are avoided.

One player isn’t approaching this scenario with vindictive intent. Stuart Broad has agreed to cooperate with salary reductions during the COVID-19 pandemic. His agreement comes after being one of England’s best cricketers against the West Indies & Pakistan. Stuart Broad acquired thirteen wickets when combating Pakistan’s national team. That number increased to sixteen wickets against the West Indies. For Stuart Broad to agree, it shows virtue & leadership that’ll likely have other professionals follow suit.

Employment Reductions

The England & Wales Cricket Board has begun financially struggling in recent weeks, announcing on October 1st that sixty-two positions had been terminated from ECB operations. It amounts to 20% of their corporate workforce, with the ECB’s Chief Executive Officer clarifying that £100 million had been lost since COVID-19 began. It’s known that continued restrictions from a coronavirus outbreak will prompt £200 to £250 million in overall losses. ECBs Tom Harrison would struggle to lead the company into recovery as CEO. Financial disruptions on this magnitude create fallouts that cannot be overturned.

England’s Stuart Broad revealed that other cricketers on the national team would agree to salary reductions. The larger number of players that decide to salary reductions will initiate the redevelopment of ECB savings. When questioned on what’ll the result of these discussions be, Stuart Broad evoked that salary reductions will 100% happen & that there are players purposely delaying the enactment for vindicative purposes. It’s selfish behaviour when considering that sixty-two individuals employed by the ECB, lost their jobs.

Potential rifts in leadership could be occurring on England’s national cricket team. Stuart Broad could be looking to overtake Ben Stokes as the primary leader of this squad. However, it’s more likely that Stuart Broad believes in the just cause of financially saving the ECB.

ECB Announces Job Layoffs

Employed personnel with the England & Wales Cricket Board were furloughed on September 26th. The ECB was forced into making this decision after profits continue to dwindle during the coronavirus pandemic. Nobody had anticipated the England & Wales Cricket Board to announce that 62 employees lost their jobs. It’s unknown if these individuals were provided severance packages from the ECB, with that likely not be the case with continued losses being sustained.

An official statement regarding the unfortunate layoffs was issued by Tom Harrison, the Chief Executive Officer of the England & Wales Cricket Board. Harrison mentioned that throughout several months, unthinkable scenarios have been placed onto ECB leaders & forced them to make unwanted decisions. Tom Harrison’s prompt words reflected that the professional sport of Cricket in the United Kingdom is at risk. Harrison believes that COVID-19 will be the most prominent challenge that ECB faces in the modern era. The CEO finalized his statements by saying the future is uncertain, and that they have to take the steps required to ensure financial sustainability for ECB future generations.

The England & Wales Cricket Board have lost £100 million throughout the first eight months of 2020, with that figure expects to extend towards £200 million by 2021. Financial losses accumulating more than £300 million would finalize the closure of EBCs future campaigns. One factor that enables the England & Wales Cricket Board to sustain safeguarded finances is by furloughing employed personnel. The 62 positions terminated allowed a 20% increase in their workforce budget, which will be restructured towards internal savings.

ECBs Strategies

Most supporters are shocked that the ECB have sustained such losses, with all eighteen international matches for 2020 still being played before December 31st. Those matches haven’t meant consumer attention for Jersey Kits, Team Memorabilia, and Signed Autograph’s. Most teams in the ECB have begun contacting sportsbooks to receive sponsorship, providing them minimal profits for this year & minor sustaining for 2021.

It should be clarified that Tom Harrison’s ECB is steadily declined, with employed personnel having been told previously that salaries would drop by 25%. The Chief Executive Officer hopes that additional furloughs aren’t required throughout 2021 & will gain investor financial aid if needed to sustain the ECB.

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