India Defeats Bangladesh in U19 World Cup

The Under Nineteen World Cup for Cricket – 2020 Edition, saw two of the most notable national teams compete against each other. This included Bangladesh and India, who battled against each other earlier this week in the showdown of this competition. Most were anticipating that the Indian National Team would win, with this being the 1st time that Bangladesh appeared in the U19 World Cup. After becoming a feared outfit in a short period, this national team made the finals in this tournament. Their formidable skillsets allowed them to outpace the previous champions, acquiring the maiden title for Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Tigers showed sporting analysts and supported that their dominance couldn’t be outmatched, outplaying their opponents on a 50 Total. This prompted after they began this matchup at 177, indicating that their chase to victory was prompt and destructive. The Indians didn’t have the required defence to account for the strategic wickets implemented by Bangladesh nationals.

This doesn’t mean that a few players with the Indian outfit didn’t try, as Ravi Bishnoi worked vigilantly to dismantle Akbar Ali. After completing this task, the Indians maintained a 65-4 Total. Bangladesh immediately fought back and created the 102-6 total, which followed after Sushant Mishra performed a left-arm wicket. 

Bangladesh Pushes On

Players with the Bangladesh Outfit continued to impress supporting analysts, with Parvez Hossain returning after a mid-game retirement for multiple innings. Once returning to the field, he immediately applied pressure to the Indians with Skipper Ali. Together they continued to batter the scoreboard until Parvez experience additional pain from previous knee injuries, which prompted another benching towards the end of this competition. With all the fight displayed by Indian bowlers, the Bangladesh outfit extirpated the Indians after a prolonged matchup.

When they came to the close, Bangladesh stood victorious at 47.2 Total. India towards the end of this matchup came off frightened and weak from the overwhelming dominance of Bangladesh. They toppled by dominos and completed less than twenty-five runs. The only notable player for the Indians was Jaiswal, who opened this match up with formidable talent. 

India will next meet again Sri Lanka at 8am GMY, their 7th match in the tournament. The hope is they will remain focused as they prepare for their match again New Zealand on the 24th, against Australia on the 28th, Pakistan on the 4th of February and Bangladesh on the 9th.