Alex Hales Possible Return Indicated by Woakes

Supporters behind England’s National Cricket Team have eagerly awaited the return of Alex Hales. This batsman was terminated from the 2019 World Cup in May of last year, which followed after Hales tested positive for drug use. The details of which drugs Alex Hales was administering to himself weren’t revealed. Insiders suggested it could’ve been marijuana, prompting England Cricket supporters to express their backlash against the termination of Hales. Players with this National Team are now supporting the concept of Alex returning as well, with Chris Woakes mentioning that he’d welcome the batsman back with open arms.

Woakes noted that Alex Hales is working towards improving his lifestyle and that everyone struggles during their lives. Returning to the England National Cricket Team became a top priority for Alex after the COVID-19 pandemic became deadly throughout Great Britain. It’s suspected that a reality check was imposed onto Hales, prompting him to return to training and hopefully regain his position.

Professional cricket in Great Britain is slated to return by July 2020, with a maximum of thirty players permitted for each team. All opponents wanting to compete against England will be required to enter the country fourteen days earlier than the imposed match date. During those fourteen days, quarantine measures will be imposed on travelling athletes. Same standards are being enforced onto the thirty players selected when they travel abroad. All sixty crickets, on-site personnel, and coaching staff will be administered a COVID-19 Testing Kit during these venues. Tests will apply when entering & leaving the facility.

Alex Hales Not Accepted by All

It should be mentioned that others in England’s National Cricket Team are willing to accept the return of Alex Hales. Eoin Morgan, the Teams Capitan, remarked that the decision of his batsman was a complete breakdown of unit-wide trust. Morgan won’t be willing to accept the return of Hales, requesting coaching staff to locate another free agent. It should be noted that Eoin Morgan has been found drunk on multiple occasions. Everyone has their respective weakness, and for this Captain to act, impartial showcases a blatant ego. We will inform our readers in Alex Hales is permitted to return to International Professional Cricket.