ECB Announces Australian Limited-Overs

The England Cricket Board announced the upcoming dates for their postponed series against Australia, which is sustaining the Limited-Overs format. It was initially expected that England would host the Australian Cricket Team in July 2020, which inevitably entered into postponement status against the COVID-19 Lockdowns. The England versus Australia Limited-Overs will begin in Mid September.

The Australian Government permitted their cricketers to travel under special exemptions, with their international flight slated to enforce severe COVID-19 Protocols upon the team’s arrival & departure to England. This will ensure that none of their bowlers has contracted the virus before entering or leaving Great Britain. Australian’s Cricket Team having an outbreak & bringing it back to their home shores is what the Government is actively looking to avoid. It should be mentioned that before the England versus Australia Limited-Overs, the T20s in Great Britain will unfold.

The T20s are unfolding between September 6th to 8th. Australia’s meetup with England will follow on September 11th, 13th, and 16th. It’s not expected that Australia’s Cricket Team will return home until September 18th, with their arrival scheduled for September 4th. This marks a two-week period in the United Kingdom. Players cannot traverse the country for tourism purposes, having to remain locked down in their respective hotel rooms when not competing. Meals will be cooked by COVID-19 Tested Chefs, with drivers to & from the Old Trafford Stadium will also be tested.

Tom Harrison’s Statements

The EBC Chief Executive Officer released a formal statement of gratitude towards the Australian Government. Tom Harrison mentioned the significant debt owned towards Administrators & Staff with Cricket Australia; who’s direct efforts allowed for their upcoming competition to obtain approval. ECBs Tom Harrison also thanks to the Australian Government for permitting travel exemptions, knowing fully what was required to make this goal achievable. Harrison ended his sentiments by remarking excitement for the upcoming Limited-Overs, hoping his home-team will be victorious. This marks the 2nd international meetup for the England National Cricket Team, who recently competed against the West Indies & Ireland. They’re currently fighting against India, with Australia slated to be their next opponent.

Ben Stokes Takes Leave of Absence

The England & Pakistan Cricket Test Series has lost its most influential player over the weekend of August 7th. It was confirmed that England’s Team Captain wouldn’t attend the remainder of this Test Series, with Ben Stokes exiting extending towards the rest of 2020s summer season. Important details regarding the reasoning for Ben Stokes “Leave of Absence” wasn’t clarified by England’s National Cricket Team. It’s merely known that Stokes is returning to New Zealand to spend time with his family. His father has spent the last nine months battling an unexpected & severe illness. Speculation from Cricket analysts suggests that Ged Stokes could be taking a turn for the worse.

Social media responses to this confirmation of Ben Stokes exiting from the Test Series wasn’t positive. Fans pleaded with their Captain to disregard his family issues & focus on Cricket. Their sentiments of desire for his return follow after Ben Stokes maintained many wickets on August 8th. Team Captain Stokes informed his players after the August 8th test series match-up that he’d be leaving for the remainder of this summer. This means that Stokes is going the “England Cricket Bio-Secure Bubble” and wouldn’t be permitted to compete again until maintaining a 14-Day Quarantine Period. Ben Stokes will now fly towards Christchurch in New Zealand on August 9th.

Lack of Sympathy from Supporters

Analysts issued disgust towards Cricket supporters after seeing social media responses. Ged Stokes is a former Rugby Player with New Zealand that prompted multiple victories for his national team. It’s unknown what serious illness that Ged Stokes has contracted, but his health doesn’t be disregarded in comparison to Ben competing. Ben Stokes hasn’t issued a formal statement on the disrespectful comments. However, it should be mentioned that for every negative sentiment on social media, positive comments were expressing their prayers to the Stokes family.

This isn’t the 1st time that Ben Stokes has left his position as Captain to stand beside his father during a trialling period. An example would be the England & Proteas Cricket Series in 2019, which Stokes would play a single game. Ben disregards responsibilities to his teammates whenever family are facing trialling circumstances, an understandable aspect that makes England’s Cricket Captain that much more honourable. Regardless, there’ll be a notable void in the National Team going forward.

Stuart Broad Considered Retirement

England’s National Cricket Team had one of its star athletes confirm that he’d considered retiring in June 2020. This cricketer was Stuart Broad, who contemplated retirement after England determined his skillsets weren’t required for the 1st Match in the West Indies Series. They’d instead selected Jofra Archer, Mark Wood, and James Anderson for the position of Bowler.

That decision would prove unfavourable for England’s National Cricket Team, who lost to the West Indies by Four Wickets. This would’ve likely been avoided with the selection of Stuart Broad, who maintains one of the highest records for Wickets in 2019-20. Coaching personnel would elect Stuart Broad for the remaining two matches in the West Indies Test Series. They’d win back-to-back games, maintaining overall victory over the Test Series. Most cricket analysts evoke that this wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of Stuart Broad.

Entering into retirement would’ve dismantled the England National Cricket Team, leaving them clamouring for another Bowler that could contend with the skillsets shown by Stuart Broad. When Stuart confirmed that retirement was 100% considered multiple times with certain events throughout his career, he’d remark that it’s never reached a level of discussion with proper forces. It’s always been something kept privately with Stuart Broad until his August 1st confirmation.

Ben Stokes, the Captain for England’s National Cricket Team, was the individual selected to inform Stuart Broad of that he’d not be competing. Coaching staff determined that his skillsets weren’t more important than the Bio-Bubble. Both Stokes & Broad would explicitly mention that when the news arrived, Stuart Broad was left shaking in his place. He was shocked when considering that his record wickets are 2nd highest on the team.

Rifts with Coaching Staff

Analysts speculate that since new coaching personnel were employed with the England National Cricket Team, Stuart Broad has struggled to adhere behind the new leadership & often rifted with these men on what strategies are required to defeat opposing forces. Stuart was often publicly discussed & news regarding his future is rarely brought-up amongst coaching personnel. Burning bridges with Stuart Broad will prove destructive for England’s National Cricket Team, with his talents being a driving force behind their international success.

Five British Crickets Released from Coronavirus Bubble

Ireland and England will compete in three ODIs on July 30th, both sides hoping to win the Ages Bowl in Southampton. Some players potentially couldn’t compete for the upcoming series, with concerns regarding the coronavirus forcing these individuals into a Bio-Bubble. England’s National Cricket Team announced that five players had been released, allowing them to compete against Ireland. Four crickets were sectioned to the Bio-Bubble, with the 5th being removed from the West Indies Test Series after the return of Joe Root. Those permitted to resume competition cannot return until the Ireland ODIs

It’s known that Joe Denly has received permission to start training with England immediately. Training sessions before the third & final West Indies Test Match will see Joe Denly working towards the Ireland ODIs. Joe Root returning from paternity leave saw Denly forced from competing in the remaining two test series with West Indies. Knowing he’ll return for the Ireland ODIs has thrilled British supporters, with Denly coming off a dominating season in 2019.

Supporters weren’t positive if Joe Denly would receive placement for Ireland vs England ODIs. This follows after the England National Cricket Team increased their squad size, enabling an influx of reserve players. Potential contraction of COVID-19 with core players forced this decision amongst coaches, with confirmed infections allowing for reserves to take a position for fallen 1st & 2nd liners.

It’s known that England will disable a portion of their reserve players, limiting the number down to six. The updated protocols came after COVID-19 infections in the United Kingdom have dropped significantly, even more so in Ireland. July 30th will mark an exciting day for cricketing fans, launching the official start for the 2020-21 Season. It’s expected that under the leadership of Ben Stokes, England will dominate against opposing forces.

Protocols in Place

The Ireland ODI Series will implement severe measures for COVID-19, which all players must follow or face an onslaught of fines. Protocols include the termination of attendees, meaning stands will remain empty. All cricketers must stay in their “Biosphere Rooms” when not competing, and wear masks whenever travelling to planned games. Masks can exclusively be removed when competing against Ireland. These three rules plus a multitude of others have defined England’s safety during the West Indies Test Series, with it expected to continue against Ireland.

Jofra Archer Fined by ECB

The England & Wales Cricket Board confirmed that they’d fined Jofra Archer for disobeying protocols associated with COVID-19. This fine came after the Pace Bowler of 25 returned home without permission, travelling from Southampton to Hove. After arriving in his home city of Hove, Jofra Archer going to Manchester for an unspecified venue. It’s known that this cricketer worked diligently towards hiding his appearance. However, photographs released to the ECB proved that Archer wasn’t remaining in a socially distanced bubble.

Penalties were issued to Jofra for his actions, including an unknown fine that’ll be taken from his salary. Another punishment issued to Jofra was being banned from the 2nd Test Series against the West Indies. He cannot rejoin until July 24th when the third test series begins, where it’s expected that coaches will bench Jofra Archer to double-down on his punishment. Severe actions against the cricketer follow the ECB clarified that breaking protocols won’t be tolerated.

Jofra Archer must maintain two negative coronavirus tests before permission is granted to arrive on the 24th. Positive status means that Archer will have to sustain five days of additional isolation, where another two checks will be issued. Refusal to agree with these measures will see Jofra banned from all remaining 2020-21 ECB Competition, essentially ruining his career. The actions of one night could inflict permanent damages for Archer.

It should be clarified that Jofra Archer didn’t attend Hove for purely entertainment purposes, with the cricketer conducting a business meeting with an unidentified person. That individual was tested & also revealed to be harmful to coronavirus. Jofra Archer now stands as the exclusive England player that has broken ECB Protocol, which isn’t that surprising when reviewing his age of 25.

Ben Stokes on Jofra Archer

The Vice-Captain for England’s National Cricket Team, Ben Stokes, clarified that they’ve been mindful of Jofra Archer since he entered isolation. The VC remarked that at twenty-five, a period of separation could be lonely & challenging for his teammate. Ben Stokes seamed to avoid tarnishing Archer’s name with public backlash. Their primary goal moving forward is to providing Jofra with enjoyable environments so his presence can be felt at the 3rd West Indies Test Series.

Cricket Ireland Announces ODI Team

Professional sports have begun resuming in Ireland, which follows after COVID-19 social distancing restrictions were lifted. Irish Cricketers were pleased to learn they’d be permitted to compete at the England ODIs later this month. Subsequently, Ireland’s National Cricket Team have announced their squad for 2020. It’ll be led by Andrew Balbirnie, with his position at Captain sustains pasting the ODI Series with England. Talents provided by Andrew & the other cricketers will be seen throughout Southampton in Southern Great Britain. It’ll mark Ireland’s first return since the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded worldwide.

Coronavirus Protocols for Ireland’s National Cricket Team

The Government of Ireland has implemented multiple protocols onto their national cricket team. These protocol requirements are necessary for the safety of cricketers, team personnel, and British punters. Ireland’s National Cricket Team is departed on July 18th from Dublin through a Military-Aided Charter. Bio-Secure Busses will then transport Irish Punters from the Southampton Airport to their hotel.

Players are unable to leave their respective rooms, with socially distanced room service issued for consumption purposes. Two players will be permitted to use the Hotel Gym Services by signing a timesheet, with those individuals having to use opposite sides of that workout facility. Upon leaving the hotel, Irish Cricketers will then be transported to the Ageas Bowl Southampton Grounds by the same Bio-Secure Busses.

The Press Release

Cricket Ireland’s Chair of Selectors, Andrew White, issued an official statement regarding the upcoming ODI Series in Great Britain. He emphasised that fourteen players from the twenty-one announced they would be selected for the 1st & 2nd lineup, with remaining crickets acting as “Back-Ups” if individual athletes cannot compete.

Andrew White than remarked his pleasure towards reacquiring Mark Adair, who hasn’t competed since early 2019 after breaking his ankle. Multiple surgeries throughout the last year have enabled him to be cleared by Cricket Ireland Doctors. Andrew mentioned that athletes by Shane Getakate and Stuart Thompson would allow them to hold serious opposition over their competitions. Chairman White suspects that their combined experience will create formidable challenges for England’s National Cricket Team. Supporters for Cricket Ireland can watch their bowlers compete on July 30th, August 1st, and August 4th.

ECB Approves Recreational Cricket in England

The United Kingdom Government gave the “England & Wales Cricket Board” permissions to allow recreational activities to resume. Recreational players in Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales can return to their local courts starting on July 11th. Accounting for a presumed influx of hobbyist players in one location, the ECB released an online manual that informs civilians how to engage with social distancing during their recreational activities accurately. The ECB Chief Executive Officer provided a formal statement regarding the approval. He emphasized their association-wide delighted to announce the resumption of reactional cricket, which wouldn’t have been possible without the continued social distancing efforts of UK Civilians in Cricket Clubs.

Tom Harrison continued his sentiments to reactional supporters, noting that this approval is incredible for the United Kingdom. Their the 1st nation to allow recreational sporting outfits to resume their standard operations. Some are shocked by the decisions of Boris Johnson, who has almost reverted his full stance against COVID-19. It appears that standards conventional with everyday living are becoming more critical than the virus in Great Britain as well. It should be mentioned that Tom Harrison thanked Nigel Huddleston & Oliver Dowden from the DCMS. His efforts will permit professional-recreational cricket with professional attributes still bolstered during the pandemic.

Mitigating the Risk

The England & Wales Cricket Board CEO remarked that their responsibility throughout COVID-19 was to engage with discussions through government-employed personnel. It taught them the requirements needed to take appropriate measures of safety for players. Mitigating the risk for COVID-19 amongst their professional competitors. It’s now being questioned if similar measures will be imposed onto recreational players.

Thanks, was also issued by Tom Harrison, with the EBC Chief Executive Officer mentioning how challenging it must’ve been for everyone to remain indoors & not experience their favourite game. The ECB has praised the fact that patience won over-excitement. It’s not been clarified if recreational cricket will be postponed against amid the 2nd wave of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom. There’s a significant chance that Boris Johnson will make this a social distancing requirement for a 2nd time. Look through Google for your local cricket court & check out the reviews to make sure it’s right for yourself.

Cricket Concerns Over Pakistan Arrival

The United Kingdom Government has released detailed information regarding “Imported Cases of COVID-19”, which 50% is originating from Pakistan. This report has caused significant concern amongst the Great Britain Cricket National Team, with personnel demanding that infected players avoid travelling to the United Kingdom. Those demands prompted several Pakistani Cricketers to be rejected from professional play during the upcoming Test Series.

It’s suspected that 30+ Pakistani Civilians have travelled from their home nation to Great Britain since June 4th, with those individuals boarding 190 Flights over the last five months. Coronavirus Experts aren’t surprised with the percentages released by UK Politicians, with Pakistan experiencing 4000 Thousand new cases of COVID-19 daily. That exuberant level of infections follows after Pakistan Government Officials removed all social distancing measures. Thousands were seen at their local Bazars, trading & making sales on various goods. Medical experts in Pakistan warned civilians of the repercussions of their actions, with nobody listening to recommendations.

Public Health England provided their government with Pakistani COVID-19 Data, learning that thirty cases of the novel coronavirus had arrived onto their shores since June 4th. Those numbers are considerably higher when accounting for the period since March 1st, with official figures on the overall infection status of “ICC19 Patients” from Pakistan. The decision to not release that information was made to avoid any racial intolerance against civilians of this nationality. Public Health England clarified that Pakistan accounts for 50% of ICC19 Patients. It should be mentioned that this data prompted the European Union to ban Pakistan from travelling throughout their borders. The United Kingdom hasn’t made similar measures.

Government is Unconcerned

The United Kingdom is allowing for two flights from Pakistan per day, with the COVID-19 Measure System used in Pakistani airports being insufficient. Considering that this region is experiencing the highest outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, Pakistani travellers are suspected of carrying the virus. When questioned about concerns over infections arriving from Pakistan, Politicians in Great Britain remarked that they’re more concerned about Portugal & Brazil. No mention is made towards Pakistan because of the influential agreements both nations hold with each other. Britain cannot afford to lose those agreements after Brexit & COVID-19, forcing a possibly significant loss of life.

Cricket Supporters have praised the United Kingdom Government for refusing to ban Pakistan from travelling to their borders. That praise comes as these supporters are excited for the Test Series between Great Britain & Pakistan. The England & Wales Cricket Board is demanding that all Pakistani players get tested daily, with results provided in hours. Those found with the infection will be quarantined & unable to play. Multiple players contracting the virus would force Pakistan to disband this upcoming Test Series, which sports analysts suspect will be the result.

ECB Extend Coronavirus Aid Package

Financial aid during the coronavirus pandemic has been required for all professional sports leagues, including the England & Wales Cricket Board. The initial finances proportioned for the epidemic was enough for the overwhelming majority. However, associations are having to sustain a secondary wave of financial aid. This follows after continued delays are prompted out of concern for players contracting the coronavirus. The English & Wales Cricket Board hasn’t allowed for their professional matches to resume, even with the permission of government personnel. It shows the ECBs dedication to curbing the continued spread of COVID-19, which most civilians & companies have avoiding accomplishing over recent weeks.

The additional finances being awarded to professional crickets with the EBC included £35.7 Million, which follows after an initial £61 million was allocated from May to June. Announcing another delay until August 2020 has prompted the increased aid, with this prolonged postponement sustaining several months. ECB Representatives clarified that under the right conditions, they’d allow for matches to resume by August 1st.

£30 Million is being distributed amongst eighteen nations connected with the English & Wales Cricket Board, with their governance extending beyond the United Kingdom. £10 Million is being subjugated towards crickets, with the remaining £20 million being distributed to professional clubs that maintain Active Status with the “Return to Cricket Program”.

Fans Addressed

The Chief Executive Officer of the English & Wales Cricket Board addressed the public on their additional aid. Tom Harrison noted that their responsibility as the ECB is to protect the future of professional cricket, regardless of the financial uncertainty associated with this protection. Harrison clarified that returning by August 1st is the priority & that they’re working with Government Medical Experts to ensure that crickets cannot contract COVID-19.

Unless those guarantees can be promised, Harrison doesn’t expect that professional cricket will resume in 2020. Tom mentioned that without cricketers being healthy & unaffected from the coronavirus, this sport couldn’t continue in its current capacity. Cricket would return to a historic version & garner considerably less popularity. Considering that the ECB earns billions on the standard fiscal year, their not willing to risk restructuring their sport.

James Anderson Angered by British Cricket Racism

Caucasian athletes worldwide have expressed their sentiments towards the “Black Lives Matter Movement”, with these individuals having never inherently experienced what this community has over thousands of years. It’s prompted criticism from African Americans & African Europeans, noting that sentiments shouldn’t be issued to benefit their public image. This was proven again with James Anderson from England’s National Cricket Team.

James experienced a privileged lifestyle from birth, having parents who are wealthy & providing him private education. This extended towards Anderson playing for the Burnley Cricket Club as a child & would obtain a professional career by 17. James used his popularity to create a clothing line, with the athlete now being a multimillionaire. His remarks towards the “Black Lives Matter Movement” has been met with disapproval from British Civilians of African Decent.

This professional cricketer has demanded that racism in cricket end worldwide. However, this sport is one of the most inclusive globally. Its popularity resides throughout nations like South Africa, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and other countries with civilians of African decent. It’s these facts that prompted critics to claim James Anderson was making these sentiments purely to benefit his personal image.

Other athletes in England’s National Cricket Team followed James Anderson, requesting that systemic racism be removed from their sport. It’s forced the English & Wales Cricket Board to allow cricketers to kneel during each national anthem, supporting the “Black Lives Matter Movement”. It should be mentioned that even with racism not being a formidable factor in professional cricket, supporters have actively expressed their hatred from the stands. Behaviour of this nature won’t be tolerated moving forward, with all supporters that showcase their ignorance being removed from the stadium immediately. Law enforcement could also implement charges.

Mental Failure

Critics against James Anderson also pointed out his mental conditioning surrounding this athlete. Before the COVID-19 Pandemic broke out in England, speculation indicated that Anderson experienced a mental breakdown & would possibly retire. These critics pointed out that James isn’t considering the level of inclusion seen worldwide with professional cricket. England wouldn’t hold the West Indies & India if they weren’t inclusive to other cultures.

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