Cricket Australia Issues COVID-19 Measures for Abroad Players

The Australian National Cricket Team have officially departed for Great Britain & Scotland, competing against England in Limited-Overs Tour that comprises of six matches. It marks the 1st instance of an Australian sporting club travelling overseas amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. Aussie Bowlers will remain in the United Kingdom for two weeks, competing in the Limited-Overs Tour & Twenty20s Tournament. Special requirements are being enforced to guarantee that cricketers with Australia don’t contract COVID-19.

Australian borders have been shut down since the World Health Organization reclassified the COVID-19 Epidemic as an international pandemic. Those wanting to travel overseas weren’t permitted that right unless extraordinary circumstances applied. The Australian Government noted that one in four travelling applications are approved weekly, with approvals often granted for those requiring special medical care. Permits to travel during COVID-19 have also been given to international criminals & illegal aliens that need immediate extradition.

The Board of Directors at Cricket Australia requested that their medical advisors create a series of “Bio-Secure Coronavirus Protocols”. Details on those measures were made available for public knowledge & enforce that coronavirus protocols will be stricter than England’s. The England Cricket Board hardly imposed COVID-19 standards when competing against Pakistan, and the West Indies. Cricket Australia couldn’t risk the safety of Aussie Bowlers & prompted the inclusion of new measures.

The Demands and Requests of Cricket Australia

Protocols list that team personnel showing symptoms related to COVID-19 will immediately be segregated into another sector of a Southampton Hotel. Medical advisors would then give tests for Cricket Australia, with these individuals wearing “CDC Infectious Suits” to guarantee their protection. All individuals that had contact with that respective individual will also be forced into segregation. Under these terms, it wouldn’t take long for Cricket Australia to withdraw from contention against England. An outbreak of COVID-19 with Aussie Bowlers would be needed to enforce a withdraw strategy.

Cricket Australia is requesting that British personnel at the Limited-Overs & Twenty20s wear face coverings, but not demanded as these individuals aren’t under Cricket Australia’s employment. Media personnel were informed that they’d be requested to wear face coverings, social distance, and hand sanitizer. Unwillingness to comply would prompt cancellation on their interviews & an escorting from the facilities.