Cricket Concerns Over Pakistan Arrival

The United Kingdom Government has released detailed information regarding “Imported Cases of COVID-19”, which 50% is originating from Pakistan. This report has caused significant concern amongst the Great Britain Cricket National Team, with personnel demanding that infected players avoid travelling to the United Kingdom. Those demands prompted several Pakistani Cricketers to be rejected from professional play during the upcoming Test Series.

It’s suspected that 30+ Pakistani Civilians have travelled from their home nation to Great Britain since June 4th, with those individuals boarding 190 Flights over the last five months. Coronavirus Experts aren’t surprised with the percentages released by UK Politicians, with Pakistan experiencing 4000 Thousand new cases of COVID-19 daily. That exuberant level of infections follows after Pakistan Government Officials removed all social distancing measures. Thousands were seen at their local Bazars, trading & making sales on various goods. Medical experts in Pakistan warned civilians of the repercussions of their actions, with nobody listening to recommendations.

Public Health England provided their government with Pakistani COVID-19 Data, learning that thirty cases of the novel coronavirus had arrived onto their shores since June 4th. Those numbers are considerably higher when accounting for the period since March 1st, with official figures on the overall infection status of “ICC19 Patients” from Pakistan. The decision to not release that information was made to avoid any racial intolerance against civilians of this nationality. Public Health England clarified that Pakistan accounts for 50% of ICC19 Patients. It should be mentioned that this data prompted the European Union to ban Pakistan from travelling throughout their borders. The United Kingdom hasn’t made similar measures.

Government is Unconcerned

The United Kingdom is allowing for two flights from Pakistan per day, with the COVID-19 Measure System used in Pakistani airports being insufficient. Considering that this region is experiencing the highest outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, Pakistani travellers are suspected of carrying the virus. When questioned about concerns over infections arriving from Pakistan, Politicians in Great Britain remarked that they’re more concerned about Portugal & Brazil. No mention is made towards Pakistan because of the influential agreements both nations hold with each other. Britain cannot afford to lose those agreements after Brexit & COVID-19, forcing a possibly significant loss of life.

Cricket Supporters have praised the United Kingdom Government for refusing to ban Pakistan from travelling to their borders. That praise comes as these supporters are excited for the Test Series between Great Britain & Pakistan. The England & Wales Cricket Board is demanding that all Pakistani players get tested daily, with results provided in hours. Those found with the infection will be quarantined & unable to play. Multiple players contracting the virus would force Pakistan to disband this upcoming Test Series, which sports analysts suspect will be the result.