James Anderson Angered by British Cricket Racism

Caucasian athletes worldwide have expressed their sentiments towards the “Black Lives Matter Movement”, with these individuals having never inherently experienced what this community has over thousands of years. It’s prompted criticism from African Americans & African Europeans, noting that sentiments shouldn’t be issued to benefit their public image. This was proven again with James Anderson from England’s National Cricket Team.

James experienced a privileged lifestyle from birth, having parents who are wealthy & providing him private education. This extended towards Anderson playing for the Burnley Cricket Club as a child & would obtain a professional career by 17. James used his popularity to create a clothing line, with the athlete now being a multimillionaire. His remarks towards the “Black Lives Matter Movement” has been met with disapproval from British Civilians of African Decent.

This professional cricketer has demanded that racism in cricket end worldwide. However, this sport is one of the most inclusive globally. Its popularity resides throughout nations like South Africa, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and other countries with civilians of African decent. It’s these facts that prompted critics to claim James Anderson was making these sentiments purely to benefit his personal image.

Other athletes in England’s National Cricket Team followed James Anderson, requesting that systemic racism be removed from their sport. It’s forced the English & Wales Cricket Board to allow cricketers to kneel during each national anthem, supporting the “Black Lives Matter Movement”. It should be mentioned that even with racism not being a formidable factor in professional cricket, supporters have actively expressed their hatred from the stands. Behaviour of this nature won’t be tolerated moving forward, with all supporters that showcase their ignorance being removed from the stadium immediately. Law enforcement could also implement charges.

Mental Failure

Critics against James Anderson also pointed out his mental conditioning surrounding this athlete. Before the COVID-19 Pandemic broke out in England, speculation indicated that Anderson experienced a mental breakdown & would possibly retire. These critics pointed out that James isn’t considering the level of inclusion seen worldwide with professional cricket. England wouldn’t hold the West Indies & India if they weren’t inclusive to other cultures.