Jofra Archer Defends England Against Michael Holding’s

The BLM movement hasn’t been forgotten by Jofra Archer, a formidable athlete on England’s National Cricket Team. Archer demands that England hasn’t forgotten about the BLM Movement, with criticism growing across the United Kingdom since Michael Holding criticized England for eliminating national anthem kneeling. This is honorary now for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

England’s National Cricket Team taking the onslaught of criticism makes zero sense. Michael Holding works for SkySports, reviewing football matches live for millions worldwide. Criticism was evoked towards England from Michael Holding, who protested that when the West Indies National Team left, the kneeling stopped. The SkySports Reporter emphasized that Jofra Archer & other cricketers that didn’t kneel had hopped onto a bandwagon that’s starting to die-down.

These sentiments from Michael Holding didn’t suit Jofra Archer, prompting a response from England’s most politicized & engaging cricketer. This response was more significant than anything Archer had accomplished before, which included a formal complaint to Tom Harrison. The ECB Chief Executive Officer will now have to publicly respond towards Michael Holding, which could see the long-time reporter lose his career.

ECB Becoming More Inclusive

EuroSports questioned Jofra Archer on his thoughts behind Michael Holding’s remarks. Archer stated that Michael isn’t aware of EBC Protocol & hasn’t spoken with Tom Harrison. Jofra believes that Holding’s thinks Tom Harrison won’t dispute these comments. However, the England & Cricket Board has made extensive promises to support equality. Jofra Archer has suggested that the ECB implemented a league-wide discrimination code, which would permit teams to implement life-long bans onto racist supporters. It’s a similar suggestion that multiple athletes have made in the ECB & Premier League.

It should be mentioned that the England & Cricket Board is maintained by a Board of Directors, which are exclusively Caucasian. The ECB hasn’t employed a single executive of African descent. Jofra Archer & other cricketers with African descent have been promised that’ll change over the coming years. ECB executives have already implemented educational programs for the African-Caribbean Communities in Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. Michael Holding being aware of these contributions to equality, would’ve likely seen him more reserved on SkySports. How the broadcaster reacts isn’t known to date.