The BCCI awards Kuldeep Yadav for his performance this season

Kuldeep Yadav has finally be awarded a great gift from the BCCI, also known as The Board of Control of Cricket in India. The player, who was in the Indian squad previously, was given a place to play during the next three matches in the upcoming series against England. This follows him proving his skill in the previous months through one of the best ways – showing hos consistent skills throughout each match and determination to win.

Other players, such as Jasprit Blumrah, did not make the cut for playing in the highly anticipated matches despite impressing the board during the South African series. Although, this considerably happened after Blumrah suffered from a thumb injury that is still in recovery after the T20I match against Ireland this season. Though, he is still in consideration for the second upcoming test. On the other hand, Shardul Thakur will remain in his place for the developed test squad.

Other players that would’ve been considered are not being included due to injuries. One being Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who receive a lower back injury during the recent third match against England. Although, his injury is being accessed by the BCCI before a final decision whether the player will be able to play for the test squad or not. The well-known wicketkeeper for the Indian team, Wriddhiman Saha, has not been named due to a thumb injury, but depending on the player’s status, that might be changing soon.

Though the absence of these prominent players, others have finally been able to have a chance to shine and gain attention for their names. One being Dinesh Karthik, who was given a position in the test squad due to Shaha’s thumb injury. Though, Karthik has a history of being in the tests squads previously but was run out when playing against Afghanistan.

Many of the experts who have been on the test squad before, like Ishant Sharma, Ravindra Jadeia, and Cheteshawr Pujara are confident that they will be able to win the test series, which will be the first time since 2007. From all accounts, it seems like this upcoming match will show an interesting playing style from India.

After Yadav and the other players received their spots, there are two remaining. This has caused a three-way internal battle of showing off skill and dedication between Murali Vijay, KL Rahul, and Shikar Dhawan do two of these players can hopefully receive a spot. Out of all three, many experts are assuming that Rahul’s history if having impressive form as well as good playing techniques will easily put him in the place of one of the remaining spots. While Pujara may lack confidence compared to the former’s skill and reputation, his main hope is his history of playing country cricket which shows his experience.

The first match against England is scheduled to be August 1st. While the first test match will be played at Birmingham, the reaming four are expected to be hosted at Lord’s Trent Bridge, Kennington Oval, and the Rose Bowl. The new lineup for the Indian test squad is looking to be one that can bring home the win.